How To Learn To Build Nails

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How To Learn To Build Nails
How To Learn To Build Nails

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Long and beautiful nails are the dream of many women. But not all of them manage to grow their nails to the length they need. Fortunately, modern technology is making it possible for women to have beautiful and long nails. This is achieved by nail extension, which is carried out, as a rule, with the help of acrylic or gel.

How to learn to build nails
How to learn to build nails

It is necessary

  • - several files of different fractions;
  • - tips and glue for them;
  • - Ultraviolet lamp;
  • - antiseptic;
  • - guillotine (for cutting tips);
  • - degreaser;
  • - a large brush for removing nail dust;
  • - gel for nail extension;
  • - primer for gel;
  • - a special brush for gel nail extension;
  • - liquid for removing the sticky layer;
  • - cotton pads or napkins;
  • - finish gel;
  • - gloss.


Step 1

There are several ways to extend nails. Depending on the material used, nails are extended with acrylics and gel. In addition, there is the option of extending nails to tips and forms. Tips - usually made of plastic and sold separately. The form is sculpted by a master from gel or acrylic. You can learn how to build nails by following the instructions:

Before you start building, you should treat your hands and nails with an antiseptic.

Step 2

The cuticle must be "pushed back" with a special manicure tool so as not to damage it during the extension process.

Step 3

The nail must be processed with a not too hard file in linear movements. This is necessary in order for the material to better "adhere" to the surface of the nail. As soon as the surface of the nail platinum fat is matte, you can move on to the next item.

Step 4

During cutting, nail dust is formed. It must be carefully removed with a special brush.

Step 5

The matte nail plate should be degreased with a special preparation. Do not touch the outside of the nail after degreasing.

Step 6

Next, you should choose tips that are suitable in size for each nail. It is easier to give nails on tips a beautiful shape, so this method is recommended for beginners.

Step 7

The edge of the nail should be smeared with glue and the tips should be glued.

Step 8

Then, with a special tip cutter (guillotine), the tips are cut to the desired length.

Step 9

With a 100x100 file, you should give the nail the desired shape and file down the entire surface of the nail. Treat the tips with a file or buff so that the border between the nail and the tips disappears.

Step 10

Nail dust and sawdust are again swept away with a brush or dry brush.

Step 11

The first stage has been completed. Now the work with the material begins directly.

Step 12

The nail should be treated with a gel primer. Tips doesn't need to process.

Step 13

Next, a small ball of gel about 5 mm in size is typed with a brush. The gel is applied to the nail and spreads evenly over the surface of the nail and tips. The excess is removed with an orange stick.

Step 14

The gel does not freeze spontaneously. Therefore, after covering the nail with gel, each finger must be placed in a special UV lamp.

Step 15

The gel must be applied at least two times. After each application, the nail must be kept in the lamp until the gel hardens. Each new layer of gel should be as thin as possible.

Step 16

After the last application, the nail should be kept in the lamp for about 90 seconds. Unpleasant sensations are possible - burning, for example. If something like this occurs, then the nail can be removed from the lamp for a few seconds.

Step 17

When the gel hardens, a sticky layer is removed from each nail with a special liquid and a napkin.

Step 18

The entire nail plate is processed with files. The free edge of the nail should be as thin as possible.

Step 19

Finish gel is applied in a thin layer to fix the extended nail. Next, the nail is placed in the lamp for a minute and a half.

Step 20

The sticky layer is removed and gloss is applied.


The extended nail is ready.

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