How To Paint A Kiss On Your Nails

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How To Paint A Kiss On Your Nails
How To Paint A Kiss On Your Nails

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Drawing a kiss on your nails will not be difficult if you know exactly how to draw, what and on which nail exactly. Such a design can be done on your own at home, with a little practice, filling your hand.

How to paint a kiss on your nails
How to paint a kiss on your nails

Manicure design can be either pretentious and unusual, or unpretentious, but tasteful. For example, with kisses. Such a drawing is easy to make by yourself at home, with a minimum set of tools available.

What is required for the design

First of all, a thin brush. It is very easy to draw with it. If you don't have a professional tool at hand, then an art brush will do just fine. It only needs to be thinned out a little to make it thin.

To paint a kiss on your nails, you also need paint. Preferably acrylic. It dries quickly, lies down easily, has a wide range of colors. It is not necessary to purchase a whole set of paints for one drawing. Tubes of acrylic paint can be purchased individually from art stores.

If you are going to make an unusual design with sparkles, for example, then you need to purchase the sparkles themselves separately. Nail art uses special microscopic sequins. They are called micro dust or glitter. They do not require special glue, since they are easily fixed to nail polish.

Step by step drawing

File your nails, treat them with a degreaser. An acetone-free nail polish remover is suitable for this purpose. Go over the surface with a sanding file, making the surface of the nail bed perfectly flat and smooth. Apply manicure base, let it dry completely. All these actions will allow your manicure to hold out for a long time.

Apply base color to your nails. If you want to make a design with micro-dust, then you need to apply it to the not dried varnish. It is recommended to spray glitter with a fan brush. If it is not in the arsenal, then a powder brush will do. Spray glitter onto nails with light movements, blow off excess. Let the polish dry, then cover your nails with a colorless polish to drown the glitter in it.

Decide on which nail you will paint the lip print. The drawing on the ring fingers looks the most advantageous. The design looks no less impressive, where the kiss is painted on the nails of the thumbs, and the rest are simply decorated with ornaments or sparkles.

It is better to start drawing a kiss on the nails from the bottom. First draw on paper the lower lip-trace from the lipstick, then the upper one. This kind of workout will help you choose the optimal size of the sponges, as well as the correct grip of the brush. Repeat the manipulation already on the nails. If necessary, it is easy to wash off acrylic paint from nails if the drawing is not given the first time. After applying the pattern, let it dry, cover with a manicure fixer.

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