What Color To Paint Nails In

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What Color To Paint Nails In
What Color To Paint Nails In

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Among the huge variety of nail polishes, it is easy to find options for every taste. Delicate pastels, dramatic dark shades or fun vibrant shades - choose colors and textures according to the situation and mood.

What color to paint nails in 2017
What color to paint nails in 2017


Step 1

The office dress code does not allow for bright avant-garde hues, nail patterns or two-tone manicure. For everyday business, paint your nails with pastel shades of enamel - cream, grayish, beige. The ideal option is glossy and semi-matt varnishes. Mother-of-pearl looks old-fashioned, and the sand or holographic options should be reserved for the party.

Step 2

An alternative to gentle pastels is calm varnishes of "earthy" shades - gray, chocolate, gray-blue, deep red-brown. Such nails do not look defiant, moreover, they visually lengthen the plates and make the hands more graceful.

Step 3

Dark varnishes are also suitable for evening events. For restaurant or dancing, choose black, navy or emerald glitter enamels. This coating looks very elegant and goes well with jewelry - large rings and bracelets.

Step 4

Bright varnishes are ideal for free time. Classic reds go well with elegant, feminine dresses, while fun oranges, lilacs, greens and yellows complement summer outfits perfectly. Light varnishes are also suitable for romantic summer dresses - for example, pure white or candy pink.

Step 5

Consider your own skin tone. Correctly selected varnishes will emphasize tan or aristocratic pallor, unsuccessful ones will show redness or yellowness of the hands. The beige color is especially capricious. Before applying them to your nails, carefully test the varnish by applying it to the tips and applying them to your hands. For a warm skin tone, choose beige with a yellow or golden undertone; for cold pinkish skin, a gray-beige varnish is more suitable.

Step 6

Pay attention to metallic varnishes. They don't go out of style and become classics. Bronze, matte golden and bright copper shades are in perfect harmony with tanning and are good both in manicure and pedicure. If glossy metallic looks defiant to you, try varnishes with a matte or semi-matte texture.

Step 7

When doing a colored pedicure, do not paint your toenails with the same shade you used in your manicure - it looks old-fashioned. Find matching duets. For example, toenails can be painted with dark varnish, and manicure can be done in light colors. Bright compositions also look beautiful - for example, deep pink pedicure and manicure in mint or turquoise tones.

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