How To Reduce A Nail

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How To Reduce A Nail
How To Reduce A Nail

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It happens that on the big toe, the nail grows with a sharp edge into the flesh of the toe and causes quite severe pain, mainly when walking. Folk remedies help get rid of this ailment. You can resort to the advice of the great physician of antiquity Avicenna, who lived around 980-1037.

How to reduce a nail
How to reduce a nail


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At the beginning of the disease - the appearance of an ingrown toenail, when the pain and inflammation are still insignificant, a simple treatment can help you: firstly, wearing comfortable shoes, in which the front part is quite wide, which will significantly reduce the pressure on the sore toe, and secondly, walking barefoot or in open-toed shoes when your toes are free. You should also completely abandon the short haircut of the nail, which only enhances its ingrowth and deformation. A short-cut nail should be filed at the corners, leaving no sharp edges that irritate the skin. To relieve pain and reduce inflammation and swelling, you can use daily baths with warm salty water to soften the nail and soften the skin around it.

You can even out an ingrown nail with a mixture of lime and arsenic, from such a lotion the nail becomes quite soft and it can be easily trimmed using a scalpel or a sharp knife, giving it the desired shape. A good emollient is cypress gum, which is applied to the nail plate like a bandage. Flaxseed or lamb fat is also used, which is tied to a nail plate for several days.

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If the nail cannot be leveled or cured, then you have to remove it. For this, it is originally the root of the nail so that a large amount of blood flows out. Next, crushed garlic is tied to the nail plate for a whole day, which must be changed at least twice during the day. After these procedures, the diseased nail should fall off.

Step 3

Also, olive oil is considered a good tool for removing the nail, to which sulfur, pounded with lard, is added, this mixture is applied as a bandage on a sore nail. Buttercup or a mixture of mistletoe with oak, as well as with arsenic and Spanish flies, are also strong means of nail removal. Vinegar must be added to this mixture and regularly applied to the nail plate for several days. But a bandage made of arsenic and vinegar with the addition of yellow sulfur and the resin of the turpentine tree must be worn constantly, changing about once a week.

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