How To Choose A Sterilizer For Manicure Tools

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How To Choose A Sterilizer For Manicure Tools
How To Choose A Sterilizer For Manicure Tools

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Sterilization of manicure instruments is a major part of the overall processing. This procedure is especially important for beauty salons and manicurists working at home, using tools to work with different clients. For disinfection of manicure accessories (tools), sterilizers and chemical treatment fluids are used.

How to choose a sterilizer for manicure tools
How to choose a sterilizer for manicure tools

Methods for processing manicure tools

Previously, alcohol and prolonged boiling were used to process medical, manicure, pedicure, hairdressing and cosmetic accessories. Today, there are two ways to sterilize instruments: UV treatment and heat treatment.

It should be noted that in some cases the instruments must be disinfected before being placed in the sterilization box. For this, liquid chemical solutions are used. It is necessary to use such funds carefully enough, following the instructions for use. Improper use of disinfectant fluids can corrode the metal and damage the instrument.

Thermal sterilization

The temperature method of processing can be attributed to the use of a dry oven and a thermal sterilizer with quartz balls. A dry oven is the most common way to handle manicure and pedicure supplies. Tools are processed at a temperature of 200-260 degrees Celsius for 30-120 minutes. The processing time is selected depending on the temperature and cabinet model. The cabinet is equipped with a timer, thermometer and temperature controller.

This method of processing also includes temperature ball sterilizers, or, as they are also called, glaspelenic. Their principle of operation is based on the use of quartz balls, which, when the device is turned on, heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. Tool processing takes only 5-20 seconds.

These sterilizers are much smaller and less expensive than dry ovens. Thanks to the fast processing process, it can be used by several craftsmen at the same time. However, the constant placement of instruments in quartz leads to their rapid dullness, which does not occur in a dry heat.

Ultraviolet sterilizers

The principle of operation of such a device is based on the use of UV rays. The disinfection time for each side of the instruments takes approximately 15-20 minutes, i.e. the complete processing of one batch of instruments will take about 40 minutes. This method of sterilization does not blunt instruments and allows you to disinfect devices that are afraid of high temperatures.

UV sterilizers are the safest to use and are much cheaper than heat treatment machines. They are suitable for disinfection of any manicure, pedicure and hairdressing instruments.

When choosing a sterilizer for manicure tools, it is necessary to determine the most important functions. Someone considers the quality of tool processing as a priority, while others choose the speed or ease of use of the device.

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