How To Grow Long Nails

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How To Grow Long Nails
How To Grow Long Nails

Video: How To Grow Long Nails

Video: How To Grow Long Nails
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Long nails do not need to be extended, they can be easily grown naturally. True, the natural regrowth of the nail plates will take some time, but they will also look natural, and it is much easier to care for them. Even brittle and weakened marigolds can be tidied up and grown to the desired length.

How to grow long nails
How to grow long nails


Step 1

Citrus juice improves nail growth and health. Use lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice. You need to wipe your nails daily, and if possible twice a day. You can do something like a bath: cut a grapefruit in half and immerse it in the flesh of your hand for 10-20 minutes. The juice will tidy up and whiten the marigolds.

Step 2

Dilute sea salt in warm water or add a few drops of essential oil. Sea salt contains a large amount of calcium, so the nails begin to grow with a vengeance, become thick and strong. Salt baths should be done at least twice a week, while the nails should be uncovered.

Step 3

After the procedures, apply a nourishing cream to your hands, which is enriched with vitamins and has a strengthening effect on nails. The manufacturer indicates this on the packaging with the product. The cream should be massaged into the nail plate, but do not forget about the skin of the hands.

Step 4

Iodine improves growth and speeds it up. Apply a little iodine to your nails before bed and you will notice within a few days that they grow back much faster. Do not worry, the brown color of the substance comes off the nails in a few hours, and in extreme cases, it can always be painted over with colored varnish.

Step 5

A range of products are now being sold that strengthen, stimulate growth, and whiten nails. Buy whichever you like best and follow the instructions on the package. But one remedy is not enough, special peels for nail plates are also sold, because they also need to be cleaned. Use the scrub 1-2 times a week, apply it on unpolished nails and keep it on for 5 minutes for best results.

Step 6

Take vitamin capsules. Try to eat well and properly, do not forget about dairy products. If you drink mineral water in the right amount every day, the process of regrowth of long and healthy nails will go faster. But drink no more than the amount of mineral water per day that is indicated on the bottle, otherwise you can harm the body even with such a harmless drink. Within 10-15 days you will be able to boast of long nails.