What To Do If Your Nails Break All The Time

What To Do If Your Nails Break All The Time
What To Do If Your Nails Break All The Time

Video: What To Do If Your Nails Break All The Time

Video: What To Do If Your Nails Break All The Time
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Well-groomed hands presuppose the presence of neat nails, but this does not mean at all that there should be a gorgeous manicure or long nails that are disgraceful, the main thing is that the nails are clean and neatly sharpened. But what about those who have nails exfoliating and breaking, growing literally a couple of millimeters?

What to do if your nails break all the time
What to do if your nails break all the time

Girls with strong unbreakable nails can only be envied. Frequent contact with water, the use of household chemicals, an unfavorable environmental situation - all this negatively affects not only human health, but also the appearance and condition of nails. Constantly breaking nails may indicate that some kind of malfunction has occurred in the body.

The reasons are actually not so few, now we will consider the most common of them.


It's no secret that a lack of certain vitamins or microelements can provoke brittle nails, so nutrition should always be balanced. For those who are on a diet or fasting, it is recommended to drink a course of synthetic multivitamins from time to time.

The level of estrogens and female sex hormones has a fairly large effect on the state of the nail plate. Insufficient production of them can provoke brittle and stratified nails.

Poor manicure tools, as well as varnishes and care products containing acetone can negatively affect the health of your nails.

If, within the framework of the house or at work, you often have to deal with various chemicals, then it is necessary to use rubber gloves, they will not be superfluous during cleaning.

Whether it was possible to identify the cause of brittle nails on our own, then it remains only to eliminate this reason. If this does not work, then you need to contact a specialist in order to exclude health problems.

In order to keep your nails strong and healthy, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive products. For years, proven recipes of traditional medicine cope just as well.

… We mix these components in a ratio of 5 to 1, apply the resulting mixture to the nail plate, leave it for about 3 minutes, then remove it with a napkin and rinse our hands.

… For them, it is necessary to heat the oil to about 40 degrees, that is, a little hotter than body temperature, dip it in olive oil in the fingertips and hold for about 5 minutes. Residual oil can be removed with a napkin.

… The fact that sea salt has a beneficial effect on the entire body has been known for a long time. Nails, which must be immersed in a container with warm salt water and left until the solution completely solidifies, will not be an exception.

When applying cream on your hands, special attention should be paid to the nail zone, rub the hand cleaner into it and be sure to massage. Daily massage will improve the circulation of blood and nutrients, which will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nail plate.