How To Use Gel Nail Polish

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How To Use Gel Nail Polish
How To Use Gel Nail Polish

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Applying gel polish to your nails is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to follow a certain sequence of covering the nail with auxiliary substances. Remembering the rules for applying gel polish, you can make a salon-quality manicure and save money.

How to use gel nail polish
How to use gel nail polish

It is necessary

  • Manicure scissors;
  • Cuticle nippers;
  • Orange stick;
  • Nail file;
  • Alcohol or nail polish removers;
  • Primer;
  • Bonder;
  • Ultraviolet lamp with a power of at least 36 W (W);
  • Base for gel polish;
  • Fixer (Top);
  • Klinser;


Step 1

Preparing nails

The standard procedure for any manicure. Using scissors for manicure and a nail file, you need to correct the length and shape of the nails. After that, remove the cuticle.

Experts recommend treating the nails with a fine-grained buff (a voluminous file that is used for polishing and polishing the nail, most often the buff is produced in the form of a bar).

Step 2

Base application

Nails must be degreased with alcohol or a special nail polish remover. After the nails are dry, apply a primer (a bonding agent, so that the varnish does not flake off) and a bonder (acts as a primer, protects and protects the surface of the nail). The primer is dried without additional equipment (in the air). After the primer has dried and a thin layer of bonder is applied, the nails must be dried with an ultraviolet lamp (drying time 1 min.). The lamp power must be at least 36 W (W).

A base for gel polish is applied (it is often called a base). The base adheres the color gel polish to the nail plate. The base must be evenly applied to the nail and dried under an ultraviolet lamp (instructions for drying are indicated on the bottle).

Step 3

Applying gel polish

Shake the varnish before using it. The varnish is applied to the nails in three layers. The layers should be very thin. Each layer must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp (apply 1 layer, dry, apply 2 layer, dry, apply 3 layer, dry). Avoid getting nail polish on your skin. If this happens, then the varnish can be removed with an orange stick.

Step 4

Fixing varnish

After the varnish has dried, a fixer is applied (often called top or top). The fixer must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp. After drying, a sticky layer forms on the nail, it must be removed with a cleanser (a special liquid for degreasing nails).

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