Nail Design Trends In 2020

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Nail Design Trends In 2020
Nail Design Trends In 2020

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The nail industry is actively developing, and every year new design trends appear, and the old ones lose their relevance. Manicure is still one of the means of expressing individuality.

Creative french
Creative french

Long nails

If a few years ago very short nails were in trend, now long ones are returning to their positions again. The most common form is almond-shaped. In this regard, the nail extension service is returning again, using new, more advanced materials. Although it is quite easy to grow nails under ordinary gel polish.

Custom jacket

French manicure is a timeless classic for all time. But it was replaced by variations: ombre and gradient, with a color stretch, which can be done with a special sponge, brush or airbrush. This season, the jacket is mixed with monochromatic nails on one hand.


The gradient is widely used not only to create a white jacket, different colors are mixed: pink with gray or black, cappuccino with white, yellow with orange. Horizontal gradient is gaining popularity. Gradient variation - stretching with sparkles and glitters, made either from the edge of the nail or from the stop.

Horizontal design

In addition to the gradient, glitter stripes are popular that divide the nail horizontally. Or just applying two colors. This design visually lengthens the nail plate.

Thumb design

Whereas earlier the focus was mainly on the ring finger, now the thumb is in the spotlight. The same is true for a pedicure: the thumb is covered with a contrasting color in relation to the rest.


Small multi-colored confetti, which are glued to a part of the nail or to the whole. They are also very popular for pedicure.

Rubs and cat's eye

Rubbing has been in the top for several years now. Pearl, metallic, gold, copper, iridescent. Looks spectacular on one or several nails, in combination with a solid color coating. You can also cover the jacket with pearl translucent rubbing.


There are girls who, in principle, do not recognize the design on the nails, but prefer a monochromatic coating. The most popular colors of 2020 are milky white (translucent), as well as bright blue, which is recognized as the color of the year not only in manicure.

Black and all shades of red do not lose their relevance.

The matte coating still does not give up its positions, which looks gorgeous both on bright saturated colors and on light translucent ones. Classic glossy and matte nails on one hand look interesting.


Individual author's design, as usual, is in trend. There can be whole pictures and abstract stains here. Graphic contrasting design is relevant, for example, in black and white colors.

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