Wedding Manicure 2014: Your Hands In The Spotlight

Wedding Manicure 2014: Your Hands In The Spotlight
Wedding Manicure 2014: Your Hands In The Spotlight

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Wedding manicure is tender, neat and fresh. At the same time, like makeup, it depends on fashion trends. In 2014, light colors and interesting textures of varnishes are relevant. You will have a lot to choose from, the range of offers from leading brands is very extensive.

Wedding manicure 2014: your hands in the spotlight
Wedding manicure 2014: your hands in the spotlight

Choose the shape of your nails. Today, plates are of medium length, oval or rectangular, with slightly rounded edges. Very long pointed nails are out of fashion. This rule also applies to artificial nails. They should look natural and not aggressive.

Treat your nails thoroughly to remove burrs and cuticles. The plate needs to be polished to smoothness, then the varnish will lie perfectly evenly, will not crack or chip. For a smooth finish, apply a protective leveling base under the enamel to extend the life of the manicure.

The color of the varnish depends on the shade of your wedding dress. In 2014, various shades of white and beige are in fashion. You can find products in cold or warm colors. For a pure white varnish, dense enamel with a silver shimmer is suitable, as well as varnishes in very light shades of blue, pale green and pink. To complement the ivory color, pick up metallic varnishes, as well as light beige enamels with a yellowish undertone.

Bright colors are also in vogue: candy pink, coral, deep blue. These shades are also suitable for a wedding look. They will perfectly complement a simple, flattering dress and will go well with makeup done in the same colors. For example, blue varnish can be in harmony with the corresponding eyeliner, and delicate coral enamel will overlap with blush and lip gloss.

Pay attention to the texture as well. In 2014, classic glossy enamels are in fashion, as well as matte and sand varnishes. Choose pastel colors, they look especially gentle and romantic. Matte sand varnishes and products with a splash of shimmer are in fashion. They can cover all nails or combine sand varnish with glossy enamel.

Have a bottle of nail polish and an express dryer ready. Finding a chip on the nail, you can quickly disguise it.

A spectacular option, very suitable for a wedding - glitter varnishes. Products with a large amount of large shimmer are in fashion, resembling fish scales in texture. Funds with the smallest golden sparkles, which give the color saturation and volume, are also relevant. Topcoats with holographic particles can be used in place of glitter varnishes.

If you want to wear gloves, go for the fingerless model. They will allow you to demonstrate fashionable manicure in all its glory.

French manicure is still in vogue and is great for a wedding. The free edge of the nails can be made white or colored. Light varnishes of different textures are well combined, for example, glossy and matte. In the same way, you can select the hole, you get a beautiful moon manicure. Decorate your nails with white or colored rhinestones made of glass, crystal or acrylic.

If you like nail art, follow the trend of contrasting stencil patterns. On a piece of paper tape, cut out a heart that matches the size and shape of your nail. Paint the plate with red or pink enamel in two steps. Dry it, place a stencil on the nail and apply two coats of thick white or cream polish on it. Gently peel off the tape, dry the enamel and cover the manicure with a protective top.

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