Why Are Fingernails Yellow

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Why Are Fingernails Yellow
Why Are Fingernails Yellow

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Ideally, the nails of a healthy person should have a soft pink color, be smooth and shiny. The changed color is cause for concern. What are the reasons for the appearance of yellow nails?

Why are fingernails yellow
Why are fingernails yellow


Nicotine and tar accumulate in the nail plate, causing the nails to turn yellow. The best way to restore nails is to give up this bad habit, as any other methods (for example, whitening baths of lemon juice) will have a short-lived effect.

Chemistry and varnishes

Household chemicals (cleaning products, powders) and decorative varnishes can cause nails to turn yellow. Therefore, it is advisable to do all cleaning procedures with gloves. As for the varnish when doing the manicure. it is better to choose light shades, and if you decide on a dark color, then after removing this varnish, take a break.

Nail fungus

Due to the infection, the nails turn brownish-yellow, the person himself feels itching and an unpleasant odor emanating from the nails. You can get rid of the fungus with the help of various drops or ointments from the fungus on the nails. With psoriasis, the nails become dull, depressions appear on the surface of the nail, and the nails can also begin to exfoliate. With these signs, it is better to see a doctor right away.

Other diseases

Yellowness of the nails can be provoked by: prolonged use of antibiotics, jaundice, congenital and acquired diseases of the nails, varicose veins, atherosclerosis and intoxication. Therefore, it is worth seeking advice from a therapist and dermatologist.

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