How To Remove Old Stretch Marks

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How To Remove Old Stretch Marks
How To Remove Old Stretch Marks

Video: How To Remove Old Stretch Marks

Video: How To Remove Old Stretch Marks
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One of the most common female problems is stretch marks on the body. Perhaps the problem is second only to cellulite in scale. This cosmetic defect appears due to the loss of skin elasticity and collagen. How to remove old stretch marks?

How to remove old stretch marks
How to remove old stretch marks


Step 1

Eat right. The condition of your skin, and the body as a whole, is completely dependent on nutrition. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seafood in your diet.

Step 2

Drink two liters of water a day. Lack of moisture leads to loss of elasticity and flabbiness of the skin.

Step 3

Use oils rich in vitamins E and A for stretch marks. This can be almond oil, olive oil, or wheatgrass oil. Vitamins promote skin regeneration, and stretch marks will gradually start to go away. The oil can be used in the form of compresses on problem areas or rubbed in during massage.

Step 4

Massage with oils or anti-cellulite cream. Thoroughly warm up the stretch marks with massage movements, then rub the cream or oil into the heated skin. After the massage, wrap the heated parts of the body with foil and wrap them up. Leave it on for a couple of hours. Do 10-12 treatments.

Step 5

Visit the bathhouse if there are no contraindications. A visit to the bath improves tissue regeneration, causing an intense blood supply.

Step 6

Use seaweed wraps. With the help of them, the tone of the skin is significantly increased. Apply a healing algae mask to the problem area, wrap with foil and a scarf. Leave it on for 1 hour so that the active ingredients are better absorbed into the skin. The course of body wraps consists of 12 procedures.

Step 7

Of course, you can completely get rid of old stretch marks only through an operation - abdominal plastic surgery, but they can be significantly reduced and made less noticeable.