How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks At Home
How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks At Home

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Stretch marks on the skin are an unpleasant consequence of too much weight loss or weight gain, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are a serious problem for women - many do not know how to deal with them. "Owners" of stretch marks dream of returning the body to its former beauty and tidying up the skin, restoring its elasticity and uniform color. With due persistence and desire, you can get rid of stretch marks without resorting to the services of specialized beauty salons, using folk remedies.

How to get rid of stretch marks at home
How to get rid of stretch marks at home


Step 1

Remember that in addition to treating old stretch marks, you must follow a number of rules to prevent new ones. During pregnancy, wear supportive bras, special braces and belts, both prenatal and postnatal.

Step 2

Temper your skin with cold dips, include more protein in your diet and control your weight, trying to keep it stable.

Step 3

Make sure your diet contains greens, fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts and vegetable oils.

Step 4

Use collagen-based body creams and masks. Exercise - Light but regular exercise will help prevent stretch marks.

Step 5

Use home remedies to get rid of existing stretch marks. Scrub with sea salt, table salt, sugar, and coffee grounds. Add olive oil or essential oils diluted in water to the mixture.

Step 6

While taking a shower, rub the scrub into damaged skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and take a contrast shower. By using the scrub several times a week, you will begin to notice its beneficial effects.

Step 7

To enhance the effect, combine rosemary, lavender, lemon juice, jasmine, orange oil (10 grams of each ingredient) and add 100 ml of jojoba oil. Rub the resulting mixture into the skin, having previously insisted in a dark room for a day.

Step 8

A good solution to the problem of stretch marks is a therapeutic and strengthening massage of problem areas. For massage use orange or almond oil, or any other oil that increases skin elasticity and contains vitamin E.

Step 9

Wheat germ oils and oils of all citrus fruits, neroli and rosemary also help to eliminate stretch marks. Use oils for massage and healing wraps.

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