How White Clay Is Used In Cosmetology

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How White Clay Is Used In Cosmetology
How White Clay Is Used In Cosmetology

Video: How White Clay Is Used In Cosmetology

Video: How White Clay Is Used In Cosmetology
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Today, few people will be surprised by the use of clay for cosmetic procedures. Many scientific articles have been written about the fact that it is extremely useful for the skin, hair and nails. Clay varies in color, white is especially popular.

How white clay is used in cosmetology
How white clay is used in cosmetology

White clay, or otherwise kaolin, is a natural remedy with high medicinal properties. The list of its advantages is huge. It is both an independent remedy and a drug that is included in the basis of many cosmetic products.

When is white clay ideal?

White clay is an excellent cosmetic material in cases where special tenderness and delicacy are required. Most often, white clay is used in the form of powders, ointments, pastes, etc. It is very effective in the treatment of diaper rash and burns.

White clay, according to professional cosmetologists, has a number of specific properties that make it in demand and popular. The list includes:

- cleansing the epidermis;

- antiseptic properties and regeneration;

- stimulation of the body's defenses and cleansing the skin from the negative effects of the environment;

- saturation of the skin with the necessary useful minerals;

- protection against microbes by absorbing toxins and pollution;

- improved cell regeneration.

In addition, white clay is ideal for drying and cleansing the skin, which means that it can be actively used as a remedy for oily skin. After all, white clay quickly absorbs excess fat, as well as other impurities present on the skin, even acne.

Due to the fact that white clay actively nourishes the skin with minerals, it is able to accelerate cell regeneration. Kaolin, which is the main active ingredient of white clay, enhances the bactericidal properties of various medicines, therefore, white clay is very often taken as a basis for the manufacture of certain medicinal products, as well as cosmetic products such as powders and dry deodorants.

What to Consider

Since white clay is an excellent means for drying the skin, it should not be used by ladies with dry skin type, because it can dry out the dermis even more. But women with sensitive skin need to use only such clay, because it is the only one of all species to have an ideal pH of 5.

White clay is perfect for owners of aging skin. This is due to the fact that it lifts, tones and strengthens the skin, is able to eliminate edema and turns the epidermis into smooth, elastic and elastic.

White clay is widely used for the treatment of cellulite as well. it perfectly absorbs fat and dead skin cells. In addition, white clay is able to restore collagen, due to which blood vessels become stronger and tissues more elastic.