Cryomassage Of The Face With Liquid Nitrogen

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Cryomassage Of The Face With Liquid Nitrogen
Cryomassage Of The Face With Liquid Nitrogen

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Recovery with the help of cold has been known for a long time, however, in beauty salons, cryotherapy of the face with liquid nitrogen is only gaining popularity. Everyone who wants to get rid of wrinkles and painlessly and effectively overcome aesthetic defects on the face in the form of papillomas, freckles, age spots, acne rely on her.

Cryomassage of the face with liquid nitrogen
Cryomassage of the face with liquid nitrogen

To understand what constitutes a cryomassage of the face with liquid nitrogen, it does not hurt to plunge into the history of the emergence of the science of healing with the help of cold - cryotherapy (Greek kryos - cold). Although the Japanese Toshimo Yamauchi is considered the discoverer in this area, one should not forget that in Russia from time immemorial, after a hot bath, they were rubbed with snow, doused with water from a well or bathed in an ice-hole in winter, considering these procedures to be the highest blessing for the body and spirit.

The beginning of scientific research of all the possibilities of cryotherapy was laid in Russia only in 1986. Since then, research has never stopped, and the technology of the procedure has only evolved so that after just a few decades, anyone who wants to can use the service of cleansing and rejuvenating their body and, in particular, their face. Only not with the help of ice water, but under the influence of an inert gas - nitrogen, cooled to ultra-low temperatures (up to - 196 degrees).

The essence of the procedure and its beneficial effect on the skin of the face

Distinguish between general cryotherapy and local. If the whole body is immersed in the cryochamber with a common one, then the local one affects only certain areas. Cryriomassage is a type of procedure that involves a short-term superficial effect on the skin of the face in order to activate metabolic processes. Under the influence of cold, the vessels first sharply narrow and then expand. Such an abrupt change is a kind of stress for the skin tissue, but it has a serious therapeutic effect. Immunity increases, blood supply to tissues increases, which means that the appearance of the face changes for the better.

Low temperatures lead to exfoliation of the upper stale layer, which is replaced by young healthy cells. Naturally, all inflammations, age spots, fine wrinkles, which were inherent in the old tissue, go away with it. After the cryomassage procedure, the usual cosmetic masks and creams work much more effectively.

It is important that after achieving a lifting and cleansing effect, long-term restoration of the facial skin is not required, as is the case with chemical, mechanical and other types of peeling. The manipulations of a beautician armed with liquid nitrogen do not cause discomfort and pain. Usually only a slight tingling sensation is felt, and after the procedure, a pleasant rush of warmth is felt.

What is the indication for the procedure

Cryomassage of the facial skin with liquid nitrogen is indicated if the process of wilting has already begun. However, the procedure is also in demand among young people suffering from persistent inflammation in the area of ​​acne accumulation. And in fact, and in another case, with the help of cryomassage, it is possible to achieve a positive result. After all, the pores are narrowed, the firmness and elasticity of the skin increases. In addition, nitrogen has a powerful resorption and anti-inflammatory effect. It is not for nothing that the cryomassage method is used to relieve swelling after plastic surgery.

The procedure will give a good effect in case of blood supply disturbances, as evidenced by the pallor of the skin. The positive effect of cryomassage on the skin of the face is so multifaceted that the procedure has found wide application in the fight against skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, demodicosis. Scars or the effects of failed acne treatments after cryomassage will be less noticeable. If it is required to remove a wart or a mole from the face, then this is also within the power of liquid nitrogen, only by deeper freezing.

Where can i carry out the cryomassage procedure and its cost

You can get a paid service to improve the skin of the face with the help of cryotherapy in clinics specializing in the rehabilitation of the skin. Cryomassage is carried out today by many beauty salons. The price for the procedure varies between 150-800 rubles. The cost depends on the region and the level of professionalism of the specialists. The price can also be influenced by the fact whether cryomassage is performed using hardware or non-hardware methods. However, having decided to try on yourself all the positive properties of the procedure, you need to remember that there are a number of contraindications.

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