The Secrets Of The Slimness Of Japanese Women

The Secrets Of The Slimness Of Japanese Women
The Secrets Of The Slimness Of Japanese Women

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Any girl strives to have a beautiful and slender figure, because nature is not always merciful and gives all natural data from childhood. Sometimes you have to sweat and work hard to achieve ideal parameters. A beautiful body means proper nutrition and, of course, sports. But in this article we will talk about the little tricks and secrets of Japanese girls, which they have been using for a hundred years in order to maintain harmony and grace.

The secrets of the slimness of Japanese women
The secrets of the slimness of Japanese women

It is worth noting products such as:


It is a well-known fact that rice is one of the most important foods in Asian cuisine and an important component in the everyday diet of the Japanese. Sometimes rice even replaces bread. It is strange that rice is classified as a diet, because it contains a huge amount of carbohydrates. The way rice is cooked in Japan is quite unusual. They don't boil it there, as they do here. It is soaked in water and so brought to full readiness.

2. Fish

Fatty meats are not included in the diet of Japanese women, because they can be replaced by seafood and fish. Fish is incredibly useful because full of vitamins and minerals with low calorie content. Also, in addition to the dietary component, fish contains iodine and omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Secrets and little tricks:

1. Small portions

The traditional size of a Japanese dish is very small, because they are used to eating in small portions, but often.

2. Cooking method

There are practically no fried foods in Japanese cuisine. Of course, you can order it in a restaurant, but often the Japanese do not use fried foods, but steam or boil them.

3. Green tea

It is important to emphasize that green tea slows down the aging of the body (due to the large amount of antioxidants), it also helps to speed up metabolism, and subsequently, weight loss.

4. Soy

The main advantage of this product is its low calorie content and high protein content.

5. Vegetables

The best addition to fish or rice would be a fresh salad, which the Japanese simply love to prepare and include in their daily diet.

6. Only fresh and tested products

The Japanese cook something right before the meal. They will not eat what they cooked a couple of hours ago - this culture and tradition dates back to ancient times.

Analyzing all these rules, it is important to note that low-calorie salads and cereals are the best option for keeping fit, and it is also important to monitor the way they are prepared and the freshness of the ingredients.

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