How To Make Your Own Nail Bath

How To Make Your Own Nail Bath
How To Make Your Own Nail Bath

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Nails also need care, like skin or hair. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them not only when creating a manicure. It is worth including in your plans regular cosmetic procedures for marigolds. Then they will always look well-groomed. Best of all, a course of baths will cope with the task, which is quite easy to do on your own at home. And no complicated components are required - you will probably find a lot in your kitchen!

Bath for nails
Bath for nails

The water in the nail bath should be at a comfortable warm temperature - it should not burn, because the skin on your hands is so delicate! Comfortable temperature is about 40 degrees. But in any case, everyone chooses a comfortable temperature individually.

Add the oil of your choice, sea salt to warm water. You can use other cosmetics as well. For example, stores sell ready-made bath mixes. And from the available oils, you can choose olive or lemon. Mix water and additives thoroughly.

Now plunge your hands into the tub. Rest for five to ten minutes - there is nothing difficult here. During this time, you can watch TV. Baths are best done daily to strengthen nails, make the skin on the hands more velvety.

It is worth considering the most popular and effective bath options. Of course, sea salt will come first. It is enough to dissolve one tablespoon of salt in warm water! Essential oils are added at will only for flavor. Then be sure to rinse your hands with water, apply a nourishing cream. Instead of sea salt, even table salt will do - the effect will be just as great!

An equally popular bath composition is lemon juice + iodine. Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of salt in water, add three drops of iodine, half a glass of lemon juice. Immerse only your nails in such a solution! After ten minutes, wipe your hands dry, lubricate with cream.

Lamination of nails is a very common phenomenon. Baths with the addition of mineral water will help you get rid of this scourge. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to a glass of mineral water. After such a bath, hands do not need to be rinsed.

If you are making a bath with olive oil, then first warm it up in a water bath. Keep the marigolds in warm oil for fifteen minutes. Then massage your hands by rubbing the oil into your skin. Remove excess oil with a dry cloth.

Herbal baths should not be bypassed either. You can take almost any herbs: mint, string, chamomile, calendula. Pour two tablespoons of dry grass with a glass of boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes. Then cool to room temperature. Keep your hands in this infusion for fifteen minutes, then be sure to smear your hands with cream!

Of course, you shouldn't expect amazing results after one procedure. Although, of course, the skin of the hands will become softer. But for strengthening nails, regularity is important - indulge your fingers with baths as often as possible! Then you will forget about the frequent breaking of marigolds, their delamination and many other common troubles.

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