Which Is Better: Shellac Or Vinylux

Which Is Better: Shellac Or Vinylux
Which Is Better: Shellac Or Vinylux

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It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of which is better - shellac or vinyl suite. In essence, these are different products. But you can still try to consider in detail their advantages and disadvantages.

Which is better: shellac or vinylux
Which is better: shellac or vinylux

More and more advanced nail care and design products appear every day. According to fresh trends, it remains only to choose between the familiar shellac and a newer product.

Vinilux is a modern nail polish. The unique composition allows it to stay on the nails for about 7 days.

This product has a number of features:

· There are no harmful and toxic components in the composition.

· It is applied like a regular varnish, but very thin and durable.

· Wide range of colors to meet any need.

· Gradual exposure of the varnish to light increases its durability. The color is resistant to change.

· The application process does not require a base. The two-phase system is different from shellac, which requires the use of 3 products. It is not only convenient, but also beneficial.

· Complete drying takes 10 minutes. This does not require a UV lamp or other fixtures, as it dries quickly in the open air.

· Removing the coating is quick and easy with acetone-based nail polish remover.

· No additional care is required while wearing. After the varnish has completely dried, you can go about your daily activities.

· The tool is ideal for both home and salon use.

Shellac is a product that successfully combines varnish and gel. Among the features are:

· The product is easy to apply, does not have a characteristic pungent odor. It has a high degree of stability and a long shelf life.

· Can be worn on nails for 2 weeks, without loss of color saturation, shine, and without the appearance of chips.

· Mirror shine cannot be confused with any other coating.

· The incredible thinness of the layers prevents the feeling of heaviness on the nails.

· Allows you to create a unique palette due to the possibility of mixing and layering shades.

· When coating with gel polish, there is no need for aggressive action on the nail plate.

Shellac is inferior to Vinylux in that it leads to thinning of the nails, therefore, they need periodic rest.

It turns out that making a choice is not so easy, so it is better to try both coatings on your hands. In any case, regardless of the product chosen, the main thing is that the nails have a neat look, and the varnish will only emphasize the individuality of the image.

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