How To Airbrush Your Nails

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How To Airbrush Your Nails
How To Airbrush Your Nails

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An original manicure attracts attention, is an integral part of a woman's appearance. Creating a painting on nails using an airbrush allows you to embody the most daring ideas not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. This device is presented in the form of a spray gun with a container for dye, with which a manicure is done.

How to airbrush your nails
How to airbrush your nails

It is necessary

  • airbrush, compressor, hose;
  • paints (acrylic water-based);
  • stencils and a rug for cutting them;
  • gloves and napkins;
  • tips (for training purposes).


Step 1

First of all, you need to fill the airbrush with a coloring agent, the consistency of which should be liquid, like milk, the excess is removed with a napkin.

Step 2

Nails must be prepared for airbrushing, for this a classic edged manicure with degreasing is done. The base is applied.

Step 3

Next, a background layer of paint is sprayed onto the nail with an airbrush and dries well. You cannot stop the movement of your hand while doing the work, otherwise you will get a bright spot that will stand out against the general background. But if a more intense color is needed, slowing down the action is allowed during the paint application process.

Step 4

After creating the background, the selected stencil is applied to the nail, and the airbrush comes into operation again. Beginners can practice making tips on tips. This is also done when creating complex patterns. When applying, it is necessary to take into account the nuance that the farther from the nail the airbrush is, the blurr and wider the line, the closer it is, the more accurate and detailed the drawing.

Step 5

Next, you can touch up the manicure by applying varnish, brushes, etc. You can add embellishment by decorating your nails with rhinestones, stickers, colored sand, etc.

Step 6

After completing the work, it is necessary to fix the manicure by applying a finishing coat of varnish. After the end of the process, the airbrush is well washed, it is possible to do this using special means.

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