Broths For Nails: Features Of Application And Design Ideas

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Broths For Nails: Features Of Application And Design Ideas
Broths For Nails: Features Of Application And Design Ideas

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Tiny broth beads will help you to make an unusual and spectacular manicure at home. With their help, you can lay out a volumetric pattern, focus on several fingers, beautifully beat the length and shape of the nail. Having mastered simple design techniques, it is worth trying more complex creative options, varying the size, color, texture of the beads.

Broths for nails: features of application and design ideas
Broths for nails: features of application and design ideas

Broths: features of use in manicure

Broths are small round beads used in nail design. They are sold in separate packs and kits, the latter being especially useful for beginners. Having learned how to attach colored balls to varnish or gel, you can come up with dozens of unusual manicures: everyday or festive, extravagant or classic.

With the help of broths, you can mask small defects, decorate a too simple manicure, giving it a fashionable touch. The original caviar design is also made using micro balls. The beads are glued to natural and artificial nails, they adhere well to all types of varnishes and gels. The balls can be attached to special glue or directly to varnish. In both cases, the volumetric coverage is fixed with a dense quick-drying top.

Before fastening, the nails are carefully polished, then a layer of protective coating and 1-2 layers of colored varnish are applied to them. After drying, you can start designing. The smoother the plates, the longer the manicure will last.

Design ideas

Small colored beads make home design possibilities endless. With their help, you can lay out a voluminous pattern, highlight the cuticle line or smile, beautifully frame the nails. A bold option is to completely cover one or more of the plates with broth.

Before proceeding with the design, you need to carefully consider the general idea of ​​a manicure. A simple sketch on paper will not hurt either. Making changes to it is easier than trying to re-glue the beads on your nails, spoiling freshly applied polish.

The design takes into account the color of the enamel, its texture, shade and size of beads. On sale there are broths with a metal or pearlescent coating, shiny, translucent, matte. Small beads look the most effective, but it is difficult for beginners to work with them.

The simplest, but effective option is to frame the nail plates. Thus, you can select 1-2 nails on each hand. It is preferable to use broths of a contrasting shade. For example, shiny black beads go well with white or red lacquer, golden or silver beads harmonize beautifully with cream. A manicure must be impeccable: beads attract increased attention to the hands, the slightest negligence will be conspicuous. The beads are glued back to back using flat-tipped tweezers.

One or two nails can be completely covered with monochrome broths. Nails are covered with a layer of gel polish (fast-drying enamels will not work), large beads are stacked close, from bottom to top. The color of the broths should match the shade of the base coat.

Long nails can be decorated with imitation beads. Thin strips of glue in the form of waves are applied to the plates covered with pastel-colored varnish. Then, along these lines, small pearls of a white or silver hue are closely attached. Thus, you can arrange 2-3 nails on each hand, it is better to leave the rest solid.

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