Which Gel Polish Is Better: Professional Reviews, Palette

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Which Gel Polish Is Better: Professional Reviews, Palette
Which Gel Polish Is Better: Professional Reviews, Palette

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Currently, human society pays great attention to the appearance, which acts as an attribute of success. Despite the fact that both sexes staged a merciless race in the struggle for the pedestal of beauty, nevertheless, women, in their natural essence, are closer to the very procedure of emphasizing the beautiful sides of their grace and charm. And manicure plays an important role in this process.

Manicure leaders at their best
Manicure leaders at their best

The name of the procedure "manicure" has an etymology that goes back to France in the 19th century. The word itself means nail and hand care. However, the history of ancient Egypt clearly shows that it was there that this procedure was very popular in ancient times. So, the mummies of the pharaohs and the nobility have preserved the nails decorated with henna to this day. Moreover, archaeological finds also contain epic manicure sets.

It is significant that earlier only representatives of the nobility could afford to care for fingernails, since this required specially trained professionals. An interesting historical fact is that there was a tradition in Assyria: before the battle, soldiers painted their lips and nails. In the 18th century, the manicure tradition included only cutting and polishing nails. And really, this procedure was seriously developed in the 19th century, thanks to the French king Louis, who, after removing another burr, ordered to make a special set of tools for caring for hand nails.

Only at the beginning of the 20th century, special manicure sets began to go on sale in free circulation. A consumer market began to form, in which the buyers were on an equal basis with women and men. And the first coating for hand nails was pink varnish.

Manicure with gel polish

In the list of topical care products for a woman's appearance, emphasizing her status and individuality, gel polish occupies a very important place. After all, the condition of the hands of the weaker sex is raised to a special rank of grooming. Interestingly, the procedure itself has not changed much since the invention. And all the nuances of modern manicure are mainly associated only with the use of components, equipment and new colors.

Gel polish is very much in demand among fashionistas today
Gel polish is very much in demand among fashionistas today

The revolutionary solution for hand nail care was the invention of gel polish, which greatly facilitated the frequently performed procedure. This state-of-the-art tool has been developed to cover nails that have already been varnished. On a practical level, its uniqueness lies in the need for complete drying, which is achieved using a special lamp.

The indisputable advantages of using gel polish include the following:

- durability (guaranteed durability of the coating, keeping fresh shine - two weeks);

- strength (stable protection of nails from mechanical damage);

- simplicity of the procedure.

Before proceeding with the manicure procedure using gel polish, you should understand that the preparation consists of three stages:

- giving a fixed shape to nails by removing cuticles;

- degreasing and drying the entire area of ​​the nails with special means;

- application of primer (increased adhesion to the nail).

In addition, it is important to understand that only a duplicate coating of gel polish can give the nail a rich and stable color, since the first layer will only give the appearance of a translucent haze. The cuticle area should be covered with gel polish with extreme care.

The main types of top gel

Extension of nails today is a worthy alternative to false nails. After completing the preparatory and main stage of this procedure, the finishing layer is applied with a special material - top gel (finish gel). It is he who will consolidate the result of all the work. To do this, you should take into account several nuances associated with leveling the unevenness of the coating:

- accurate calculation of the quantity;

- exclusion of agitation and excessive pressure on the brush;

- experience in performing the procedure.

Gel polish can also be applied at home
Gel polish can also be applied at home

Since top gel is a key topcoat, its importance for the entire procedure of applying gel polish can hardly be overestimated. There are the following types of this product: with a sticky layer, without a sticky layer and matte. It is the second type of finish gel that is especially popular among novice craftsmen, since it is the most unpretentious in work and does not give excessive yellowness.

However, the first type is considered the most preferable for gel nails. In this case, it is important to choose the exact time the nails are under the UV lamp, otherwise the surface of the coating may crack or lose the painting. The most popular brands of top gels among professionals are Kodi Professional, In'Garden So naturally, IBD Ultra Seal, Mileo, Jessica Geleration, Color Couture, BlueSky, Axxium OPI "," GGA "," TD Professional "," IBN Uv Top Coat ".

It should be noted that gel varnishes appeared thanks to the American developer CND, which released a product called shellac on the world consumer market, which has already become a household name. It is important to know that only Shellac does not require pretreatment of the nail with prime gel. Moreover, it can be removed very easily. Of the obvious shortcomings, the high price and limited color palette should be highlighted, which clearly emphasizes the classic red spectrum.

Which palette is better

Each season in fashion is distinguished by a novelty of sensations and unique accents on the color scheme. Hand nail care does not stand aside either. Therefore, the relevance of the gel polish palette can be considered paramount for all women who care about their appearance.

For safety and reliability, it is better to use trusted brands
For safety and reliability, it is better to use trusted brands

Today, the first line in the rating of the color range for women's hand nails is occupied by the pink palette (from a delicate and calm color to bright).

Further, the pedestal of the thematic winners is occupied by several colors at once: orange, peach and coral. And the gamut of blue shades (from blue to turquoise) closes the top three. The carriers of the aggressive lemon color of the fingernails, as well as the calmer tones of gray and coffee, should not be disregarded. It is worth remembering about the classics of the genre, which always prefers an exceptionally bright red gel polish.

Opinions of professionals about gel polish

Having analyzed the modern consumer market of gel polishes based on the opinion of professionals, four leading positions should be distinguished.

When using gel polishes, you should listen to the opinion of professionals
When using gel polishes, you should listen to the opinion of professionals

- Coating "In'Garden So Naturally", unlike shellac, does not thicken over time and is applied in two layers. The composition of the gel polish includes healing components that have a positive effect on the nail plate due to their healing effect. The average durability of this coating is two weeks. However, it should be borne in mind that after removing the gel polish, the nails themselves may turn significantly yellow. Removing the gel base in order to avoid damage to the nail should be done using top gels from other manufacturers and a base coat.

- "Color Couture" is a self-leveling coating due to its optimal consistency. In addition, the kit with the tool includes a convenient brush, which, together with the quality of the gel polish, allows you to quickly apply the tool to the surface of the nail. Experts believe that this gel polish is just perfect for both professional salons and for self-care nails at home.

- Gel polish of the Jessica Geleration trademark also has a high rating, as it is quite convenient to apply and practically does not cause a negative impact on the health and appearance of nails.

- "Axxium OPI" evokes quite respectful reviews from the masters of their craft. This gel polish manufacturer provides excellent product quality. Particularly noteworthy is the strength of the coating, which is why the nail plate is reliably protected even in cases of damage.However, in the process of applying this gel polish, specialists may have questions about the "capriciousness" of the material, as it dries and swells for a long time. Its durability is estimated at ten days. Moreover, chips can be tinted at home with varnish of the same brand.

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