Acid Pedicure: Attractive Feet In Minutes

Acid Pedicure: Attractive Feet In Minutes
Acid Pedicure: Attractive Feet In Minutes

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Acidic pedicure is performed with a product containing alpha hydroxy acids that successfully fight corns. Even the most neglected. In time, such a pedicure takes only 15-20 minutes.

Acid pedicure: attractive feet in minutes
Acid pedicure: attractive feet in minutes

Acid pedicure has become popular not too long ago. Its uniqueness lies in its speed of execution and efficiency. During the procedure, it is imperative to use gloves (for example, medical gloves). You also need to prepare all the materials and tools that will be required in the process in advance. Acidic pedicure is performed using a special solution containing hydroxyacetic and glycolic acids.

You can purchase such a solution in a specialized store for manicure and pedicure. The tool is called Callus Remover. It has a gel-like structure and is available in containers of 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter. For home, 250 ml is enough.

In addition to a special tool, you will need a wooden hard file for a pedicure, oily foot cream and napkins. A tub or bowl of warm water will help steam your feet. Submerge your feet in water for 3-5 minutes, then wipe off with napkins or a towel. Apply the "remover" to the feet in areas where there are most corns and calluses, using a napkin or cotton pads. Leave the product on for half a minute.

If you hold the acid gel for longer, there is a risk of removing too much skin, which will lead to discomfort. There is no danger to health in this case, just the feet will be too dry.

After the time has elapsed, wash off the gel with warm water, rub the softened skin with a pedicure file strictly in one direction. Calluses and calluses will quickly disappear. After polishing the heels, wash them in warm water and apply a disinfectant. For example, wipe with diluted rubbing alcohol or formic alcohol.

If after the procedure the skin of the feet becomes too dry, then it should be lubricated with a fat cream. It is recommended to perform an acid pedicure no more than once a week so that the skin does not become too thin.

"Remover" is safe and hypoallergenic. Acid pedicure can be performed by all girls without exception (both pregnant and lactating mothers). Strict adherence to the instructions is the key to the safety of the procedure.

There are products for an acid pedicure on sale, which must first be diluted with water according to the instructions. The technology for applying such a product differs from that described above. Firstly, the acid mass must be kept on the feet for at least 7 minutes, but not more than 10. Secondly, during the procedure, the feet must be wrapped with cling film to speed up the reaction. After removing the film, you need to process the legs with a wooden file, then rinse off the product, and re-polish the feet with a file, but already with an abrasive file. In this case, an acidic pedicure will take a little longer than using a gel-like "remover". The effect of the procedure is the same with any technology. It is imperative to steam your feet in the bath, regardless of what product is used for the pedicure.

After completing all the steps, you can coat your nails with nail polish to give the pedicure a finished look. Only after that is it worth applying a greasy cream to the feet. If you confuse this sequence, then the varnish will lie unevenly or in lumps, it will quickly begin to chunk and peel off.

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