What Is Japanese Manicure

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What Is Japanese Manicure
What Is Japanese Manicure

Video: What Is Japanese Manicure

Video: What Is Japanese Manicure
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Well-groomed hands, beautiful manicure can be called the hallmark of a woman. And the secret of a successful manicure, as you know, lies in healthy nails. But how to preserve their health and attractiveness if they face a lot of trials every day: chemicals, water, stress, ecology and much more. Nails exfoliate, break, become dull. You can help them with Japanese manicure.

What is Japanese manicure
What is Japanese manicure

The key difference between Japanese manicure and all other types is its naturalness. This procedure can be called rather a care procedure, because the products intended for Japanese manicure include only natural ingredients, minerals and a complex of vitamins. When carrying out, tools are used from suede, ceramics, wood, beeswax and natural leather. The Japanese are sure that cosmetic procedures should not be unnatural, each client undergoes a preliminary diagnosis, and only after that the master starts a manicure that suits him.

The most popular today are the Pishine and Masura Japanese manicure sets. It is these two companies that produce the most popular nail cosmetics.

Who should pay attention to Japanese manicure?

This procedure will bring tangible benefits to those:

  • Who suffers from increased fragility of the nail plates;
  • Who has the condition of the nails and their appearance leave much to be desired;
  • Who is worried about dry skin of the hands and nail plates;
  • Who has delamination of the nails;
  • Whose nails grow very slowly.

Japanese manicure is safe, it can be safely done by nursing mothers and women who are still expecting a baby, children and the elderly. The procedure has no contraindications and restrictions. In turn, the effect of such a manicure will be noticeable immediately and it will persist for quite a long time. People with problem nails will need several sessions, but even 5 procedures is nothing compared to the ability to get healthy nails for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

With the help of Japanese manicure, you can cope with the unevenness of the nails, strengthen them, improve the general condition of the nail plates, and increase their resistance to aggressive external influences. Even a single procedure will make your nails healthy, shiny, strong and at the same time looking completely natural. You will forget about fragility and delamination of your marigolds.

However, this technique has one significant drawback - it is its cost. Japanese manicure is several times more expensive than the standard one, so not everyone can afford it.

Of course, you can find a way out by buying a professional kit and doing the procedure yourself. You will spend a significant amount, but you will have enough material for a long time. You should not skimp on the purchase, nails damaged by low-quality cosmetics will have to be treated, and this is also not cheap.

Pay attention to the contents of the purchased kit. Its basic composition must necessarily include:

  1. Orange sticks;
  2. Mineral paste designed for sealing irregularities, smoothing the surface of the nail plate. The quality paste is based on keratin, seaweed, beeswax.
  3. Grinding powder;
  4. Calfskin polishing block;
  5. File on a suede base.

All of the above is intended for creating a manicure at home, in addition to this, you will need a series of nail care products.