What Is A Combination Manicure?

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What Is A Combination Manicure?
What Is A Combination Manicure?

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Combined manicure is a universal solution for any nails. It is not too traumatic, but it allows you to cope with dry cuticles, coarse areas, problem plates: brittle, exfoliating, hard. You can do such a manicure in the salon or at home; with regular procedures, your hands will become beautiful and well-groomed.

What is a combination manicure?
What is a combination manicure?

Features of the combined manicure

The combined version includes elements from different types of manicure: edged, European, spa, hardware. The technician chooses a technique that is suitable for a particular type of skin and nails. For example, if the cuticle is very stiff and the fingers are hardened, a regular unedged manicure will not have the desired effect. It is much better to do a preliminary steaming, and then treat the damaged areas with a coarse-grained file. The overgrown cuticle is trimmed with scissors or nippers, followed by a soothing mask and brush massage.

Sometimes a cuticle that does not require cutting is combined with hard, hard-to-file nails. In this case, the pterygium can be removed with an acidic liquid and wooden sticks, and the nails can be shaped to the desired shape with nippers or nail scissors. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure will not damage the plates.

It is better to process exfoliated, ribbed, rough nails with fine-grained nozzles on a special apparatus. At home, not too powerful machines are used with which it is difficult to injure yourself. You can correct the shape of the nails using a regular file or scissors.

How to do a combi manicure at home

At home, it is more convenient to do exactly the combined version, acting according to the circumstances. It is better to start the procedure with a warm bath. Water and a special maceration liquid are added to the bowl, which can be replaced with a mixture of liquid soap and a few drops of essential oil. The bath lasts 5-7 minutes, then the brushes are wiped off with a soft towel.

The next step is to remove the cuticle. A cream, gel or liquid with fruit acids is applied to the lower part of the nail. The drug is left for 60-80 seconds, after which the dead epithelium is scraped off with a plastic or wooden stick. If your nails are very thin and brittle, it is better not to use metal tools.

Too overgrown cuticles are carefully cut off with special tweezers. In order not to injure the bed, you need to remove the skin in one motion. Accidental cuts are cauterized with hydrogen peroxide, the remains of the acid-containing cream are washed off with warm water.

You can shape the nails with a coarse-grained file, nail scissors or a special cylindrical abrasive nozzle. It is important to ensure that all plates are the same length. The final stage is grinding with a fine-grained glass, ceramic or plastic file.

For better adhesion of the varnish to the surface of the nail, the plates are polished with a special buff or a hardware nozzle. Do not get carried away - too thin nails become weak and break faster. A calcium mask or a lacquer base with silk fibers will help to strengthen them.

Once you're done with your nails, you can move on to restoring dry skin on your hands. A hot paraffin mask will help remove minor damage and make the brushes perfectly smooth. The paraffin bars are melted in the microwave, the warm mass is spread over the skin with a brush and left for 10 minutes. After the mask, you can massage with a moisturizing lotion. In specialized stores, they sell formulations with a cooling, nourishing, warming effect, the choice depends on the season and the condition of the skin of the hands.

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