How To Tighten Your Body Skin

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How To Tighten Your Body Skin
How To Tighten Your Body Skin

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Who doesn't want smooth, taut and firm skin? The question is probably superfluous. Everyone likes a beautiful body: it is pleasant to look at it, it is pleasant to touch it. Problems with skin elasticity can arise for various reasons: age, dramatic weight loss, childbirth. Of course, each specific situation requires an individual approach.

How to tighten your body skin
How to tighten your body skin


Step 1

The main problem with loose or saggy skin is a lack of collagen. Use collagen-rich body cosmetics to combat it. Introduce foods to your daily diet that stimulate the renewal of collagen fibers in the body (papaya, pineapple).

Step 2

Include in the program of daily physical activity the so-called vibration exercises, do them for at least 10 minutes a day. Swimming (at least two hours a week) and belly dancing are good for tightening the skin.

Step 3

Water treatments, in particular contrast showers and douches, have long established themselves as an excellent way to combat skin losing tone. Perform treatments daily to achieve results. Rub with a terry towel after showering. These treatments help to improve blood circulation, which also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Step 4

Take a bath with oils that tone your skin. These oils are often used to combat cellulite, but they also have a general firming effect.

Step 5

Massage tightens the skin well. The massage can be performed manually using special creams and oils that tone the skin. Also, massage can be performed using additional means, for example, special brushes, which are used to rub problem areas.

Step 6

Salons can offer for these purposes hydromassage procedures (massage of problem areas, performed using a directed water jet) and special corrective massage programs. Mesotherapy and acupuncture lifting (stimulation of growth and tightening of the skin using punctures in certain places) are designed to tighten the skin after drastic weight loss.

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