How Nails Should Look Right In The Fall

How Nails Should Look Right In The Fall
How Nails Should Look Right In The Fall

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For a long time, every girl has known that in order to look well-groomed and beautiful, one should not forget about manicure. But very often you want your manicure to be not only beautiful, but also fashionable. That is why it is worth understanding which manicure is relevant today.

Fashionable manicure fall-winter 2016
Fashionable manicure fall-winter 2016

The first step is definitely to figure out the length of the nails. Everything is pretty simple here: nails should be either short or medium in length.

Now everything related to the shape of the nails. Do not think about sharp or rectangular nails, you should give preference to the natural shape of the nails. That is, when a manicure is done, it is necessary to give the nails the shape of a semicircle or an oval.

What happens to the color scheme this season? This fall and this summer, you need to choose either bright colors or calm pastel shades. Of course, you need to forget about the dark colors of the varnish, as they are more appropriate for the fall. Also, the combination of several shades of varnish in one manicure remains incredibly fashionable, especially if this combination assumes the presence of bright and calmer colors.

This season, it is very important to use calm shades as a base for a manicure, and apply interesting patterns or original drawings on top of this base.

This fall, French manicure is again reaching the peak of demand, which may not be performed in its usual version. That is, for such a manicure, you can use not only white and beige varnish, but also any other color and shade.

It is also incredibly fashionable this season to combine elements of the lunar and French manicure.

A topical manicure may not always be beautiful. That is, no matter how fashionable a manicure may seem, if it is not done neatly, it will not be beautiful. What is meant by the phrase "executed" not neatly? It's very simple if the varnish is outside the nail plate or the cuticles are ugly cut, and if the nails are not of the same size or shape, then the manicure automatically becomes sloppy.

Of course, you should also forget about the varnish that has peeled off your nails, as it looks awful. If the varnish tears from one nail, then you need to either wipe it off from all nails, or re-paint the nails.

It is also worth noting that a manicure will only look great on well-groomed hands. If the hands are not well-groomed, then any manicure will not look particularly impressive. And in order for the hands to be groomed, it is necessary to regularly carry out the necessary cosmetic procedures for them.

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