How To Calculate Your Ideal Weight

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How To Calculate Your Ideal Weight
How To Calculate Your Ideal Weight

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There are very few people in the world who consider their weight to be ideal. According to statistics, about sixty percent of men and about fifty percent of women over thirty in Russia are overweight. Moreover, people who seem slim at first glance can also be overweight. Objective data indicate that fat should be normal in men from nine to fifteen percent of the total body weight, and in women - from twelve to twenty. In theory, everything is clear, but how will it practically determine what part of your body weight is fat, and if you are overweight?

How to calculate your ideal weight
How to calculate your ideal weight

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One of the simplest formulas for calculating the ideal weight was proposed by an anthropologist from France Paul Brock. The simplest formula for calculating is weight is equal to height minus coefficient. With growth up to 165 cm, the coefficient is 100, up to 175 cm - 105, above 175 cm - 110. According to experts, Brock's formula is correct for people whose age ranges from forty to fifty years. If you are under forty, then the optimal weight, calculated according to Broca's formula, should be reduced by ten to twelve percent, otherwise the result must be increased by five to seven percent.

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Body mass index calculations are considered more accurate, showing body fat. For calculations, it is enough to know the body weight in kilograms and the height recorded in meters. BMI = M (kg): H2 (m), where M is body weight, H is height. The formula itself is also very simple: the ratio of the mass to the square of the height is found. Depending on the value obtained, conclusions are drawn about the weight of a person. If you get less than 25 - this is the norm, if more than 25, but less than 27 - this is overweight, but not yet obesity, but if more than 27 - this is already obesity. But again, these are averaged indicators, since the body mass index values ​​are different for men and women.

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In Russia, doctors use special tables to determine excess body weight, in which, depending on gender, age, and height, the maximum allowable weight values ​​are indicated. If your weight is below the table, then this may mean that you are not overweight, if higher, then additional studies determine the degree of obesity.

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