How To Know Your Ideal Weight

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How To Know Your Ideal Weight
How To Know Your Ideal Weight

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Ideal weight is a very conditional concept. When calculating it, you should definitely pay attention to how much you weighed at a young age or before the birth of your first child. You also need to take into account current diseases (if any) and lifestyle. Today there are many ways to calculate the ideal weight. Believe them or not, it's up to you.

How to know your ideal weight
How to know your ideal weight


Step 1

Apply Broca's formula for calculations. It is one of the surest methods in determining your ideal weight. The formula allows you to take into account the ratio of a person's age, height, weight and body type. Scientists have confirmed that a person's weight should increase slightly with age - this is a natural physiological process. Therefore, do not consider some of your pounds "extra" if you are over forty. Brock's formula is as follows: For people under 40: weight = your height (in cm) - 110 After 40 years: weight = your height (in cm) - 100 In addition, it is worth noting that people who have a thin-boned type physique (asthenic), another 10% must be subtracted from the result obtained, and for those with a broad-boned (hypersthenic) body type, add 10% to the result obtained.

Step 2

Use Lorentz's formula. Weight (ideal) = (your height (in cm) - 100) - ((your height - 150) / 2). It turns out that if your height is 170 cm, then the weight should be 60 kg. However, according to this formula, at 150 cm in height, the ideal weight will be 50 kg, which is most likely quite a lot for such a height.

Step 3

Try to calculate the body mass index (BMI) using the Kutela formula. According to many, this method of calculation is the best in the world. BMI = W / H2, where W is weight (kg), H2 is height squared, (in meters). Using this ratio, you can calculate your BMI. If your BMI is between 20 and 23, your weight is normal. From 24 to 29 - there are "extra" pounds. More than 30 - a lot of overweight. The Kutela formula, in contrast to the Lorentz formula, is more realistic for calculating the ideal weight.

Step 4

Forget about formulas. Better take care of yourself, your health and lifestyle. If your weight does not cause problems, does not limit you in desires and daily life, then it is most likely close to ideal. These formulas help to find out the approximate weight range and the weight to which you can strive. The ideal weight depends on a large number of factors, the main of which are your health and attitude towards your own appearance. Ideal weight is not at all the numbers on the scales, but our state of mind.

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