What Is The Meaning Of The "Tiger" Tattoo On The Shoulder

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What Is The Meaning Of The "Tiger" Tattoo On The Shoulder
What Is The Meaning Of The "Tiger" Tattoo On The Shoulder

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A tattoo is a wearable design that is applied to human skin. Almost each of these drawings has its own interpretation and meaning.

What is the meaning of a tattoo
What is the meaning of a tattoo

The meaning of a tiger tattoo

The tiger is a perfect predator. He is known for being one of the most dangerous creatures, meeting with whom will not lead to anything good. The tiger tattoo has a lot in common with the lion tattoo. This graceful animal personifies strength and beauty, anger and cruelty, ferocity and power, aggression, as well as grace and dignity.

Tiger tattoos can be found in different parts of the world, and everywhere they mean something different. For example, in Asia, it is the tiger that is the king of beasts and performs the function of a victorious warrior. In the east, the cult of these animals is generally very developed, they are remembered in fairy tales and legends, images of tigers are used to scare away evil spirits, even pregnant women often carry with them some kind of reminder of a tiger, trying to protect their unborn child from everything bad.

In the Buddhist religion, the tiger personifies anger. In addition, this animal is the third in a row within the Chinese horoscope and together with the dragon acts in the symbolism of "yin" and "yang" as the feminine principle of "yin".

In Europe and Western countries, you can find the image of a tiger much less often. In Greco-Roman mythology, tigers very often replaced leopards, and most often it is tigers that can be found in the image of the god of fertility Dionysius, harnessed to his chariot.

The predatory grin of a tiger's mouth can often be found in the prison environment. Such a tattoo is applied to themselves by people who are embittered with the authorities, who are able to stand up for themselves and for their loved ones.

Types of tiger tattoos

Tribal tiger tattoo - this style looks very harmonious on the shoulder or forearm. Geometric lines and curls create a sense of tiger movement.

The white tiger is very rare in nature, so the image of a white tiger can mean the uniqueness of a person, that he is not like anyone else. This image speaks of his exclusivity.

The Amur tiger is the largest representative of the feline family, which speaks of the power and strength of the predator.

Little tiger tattoos are very popular among the weaker sex, in which this cute creature shows fragility, tenderness and innocence. In addition, the baby tiger very often expresses the mother's bond with the child.

You can also find a combination of a tiger with several components at once, it can be butterflies, dragons, vines, jungles and other patterns that characterize harmony, strength and power.

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