How To Remove A Tattoo With Milk

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How To Remove A Tattoo With Milk
How To Remove A Tattoo With Milk

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If you are not satisfied with the tattoo, there are several ways to get rid of it. It is best to go to a tattoo parlor and entrust your body to professionals. But there are also several "home" options for destroying a tattoo, but they are more likely to lead to scarring. The most affordable of them are performed using milk (goat, cow, condensed).

How to remove a tattoo with milk
How to remove a tattoo with milk


Step 1

They all boil down to the fact that the tattoo is chipped off, but depending on your capabilities, there are several different ways:

Most civilized: using a tattoo machine. Here, both a hand-built string string and a professional one are suitable. Be sober! And also make sure that your blood pressure is normal, and not increased. If you have any doubts about this, postpone the procedure to another day when you are absolutely sure of your health.

Step 2

First, prepare the machine for work. To do this, adjust the frequency of beats, select the size of the needle (a five-point beam is better) or strings.

Step 3

Prepare in advance the material with which you are going to chunk. Mix milk with streptocide powder (you can crush a tablet), pour it into a container (or use a special plastic cap used for working with paints).

Step 4

Stock up with cotton wool, water in a spray bottle (useful for washing off blood and milk) and a bandage.

Step 5

The second way is to simply inject milk under the skin in the areas where the pattern is covered with a syringe and a medical needle. Take a new syringe and a needle (two vials will work fine).

Step 6

Prepare the mixture you need, pour it into the syringe.

Step 7

Stock up on a variety of cotton swabs.

Step 8

Inject milk shallowly under the skin, in small portions. The quality of the procedure largely depends on the frequency of injections.

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