How To Change A Tattoo Without Completely Removing It

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How To Change A Tattoo Without Completely Removing It
How To Change A Tattoo Without Completely Removing It

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Any tattoo can get bored, lose its relevance, or simply not like it. The easiest way to make the tattoo is to lighten it first, and then change it over with a new one.

Tattoo change
Tattoo change


Step 1

We can definitely say that any tattoo, even the most exquisite, is good as long as the owner does not get tired of it. In this case, the easiest way is to change the tattoo. But it's hard enough to cover dark pigments with light ones. It will not work to turn a black cat tattoo into a delicate and light flower. While editing can create the illusion that this is possible.

Step 2

But sooner or later, the pigments under the skin will mix and the old motif will show up. In this case, tattoo artists have to think over a sketch of a new image. Before going to the master, decide what message the updated tattoo should carry. Then find a tattoo artist by previewing their work. Give him the basic idea of ​​what the tattoo should look like.

Step 3

Remember that the tattoo artist is not a magician. Be prepared for the updated version of the tattoo to look a little more voluminous and darker. The best solution is to pre-highlight the tattoo with a laser. But even a laser does not give a 100% guarantee. Therefore, many have a desire to slightly change or update the tattoo. After all, it can be edited, outlined, and colors can be changed.

Step 4

It is possible that you want to change the tattoo for the reason that you do not like its meaning. In this case, you need to find a master who will take on the alteration of the old tattoo. Changing the pattern can also require a large investment. In any case, the correction of any tattoo is possible. Quite recently, tattoos have been reduced by removing the top layer of the skin. This method led to the appearance of various scars.

Step 5

But now other technologies are being practiced. Laser radiation destroys dark pigments. This allows you to partially reduce the tattoo, lighten it a little for further correction. This method is considered painless and safe. It breaks down the pigments in the skin into small particles. It is best for you to consult a tattoo artist before the procedure. Professionals will tell you what to do with a boring tattoo.

Step 6

You shouldn't expect immediate results. Be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot. But in this case, your skin will not be disfigured by various scars and scars. Remember, the older the tattoo, the more difficult it will be to lighten or change it. Therefore, several visits to laser correction may be required.

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