Why Cucumber Is Useful For Facial Skin

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Why Cucumber Is Useful For Facial Skin
Why Cucumber Is Useful For Facial Skin

Video: Why Cucumber Is Useful For Facial Skin

Video: Why Cucumber Is Useful For Facial Skin
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Since ancient times, cucumber has been used in facial skin care. The popularity of this time-tested cosmetic is becoming more and more popular every day. And this is not surprising, because the cucumber is so healthy.

Why cucumber is useful for facial skin
Why cucumber is useful for facial skin

The benefits of cucumber for facial skin

The chemical composition of cucumber is diverse: it contains vitamins of group B, C, P, proteins, sugars, iodine, carotene, mineral salts, enzymes and other active components. That is why cucumber perfectly removes swelling, refreshes the skin and moisturizes it. It also has soothing, anti-inflammatory, whitening and emollient properties. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in its composition accelerate cell regeneration.

All kinds of cosmetics are prepared from cucumber at home: tonics, masks, lotions, etc. Moreover, you can make homemade cucumber cosmetics for any type of skin: for oily, dry, sensitive, normal and even problem skin.

Homemade cucumber cosmetics for dry skin

To moisturize dry skin, it is recommended to use a cosmetic mixture consisting of the following components:

- a few drops of lemon juice;

- 1-2 fresh cucumbers.

The cucumbers are peeled and then chopped on a fine grater or in a blender. Next, the cucumber gruel is enriched with lemon juice. Apply the mass to the prepared skin, leave the gruel for 17-20 minutes and wash with water at a comfortable temperature.

It is also useful to wipe the skin with a toner, for the preparation of which you will need the following ingredients:

- a glass of milk;

- half an unpeeled fresh cucumber.

The cucumber is cut into thin slices, poured over with boiled milk, after which the mixture is placed on low heat and boiled for 3-5 minutes. Then the milk-cucumber broth is cooled and filtered: the tonic is ready.

Cucumber for oily skin

The effect of cucumber on oily skin of the face is surprising: cosmetics based on it help to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, relieve inflammation, tone the skin, etc.

To prepare a cucumber mask for oily skin, take the following products:

- oat flour;

- fresh cucumber.

The cucumber is peeled and grated on a fine grater. Then the gruel is mixed with oat flour (you should get a creamy mass). Apply the mixture to the prepared skin and leave for 18-20 minutes. It is recommended to do 2 such procedures weekly.

And to prepare a tonic for oily skin, you will need the following components:

- 1, 5 tbsp. lemon juice;

- 150 ml of vodka;

- 1 tbsp. grated lemon peel;

- 3 tbsp. chopped cucumber pulp;

- 50 ml of mineral water;

- 1 tsp honey;

- chicken egg white.

The cucumber pulp is mixed with lemon peel and lemon juice. Then the mixture is poured with vodka, poured into a container and dark glass, tightly corked and left to infuse for 18-20 days. After the infusion is filtered, enriched with mineral water, whipped protein and honey. This tonic is recommended to be applied to the skin twice a day. The effect will be amazing: unhealthy shine will disappear, and the skin will acquire a luxurious color and beautiful appearance.