How To Quickly Restore Eyelashes With Castor Oil After Extension

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How To Quickly Restore Eyelashes With Castor Oil After Extension
How To Quickly Restore Eyelashes With Castor Oil After Extension

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The look is a woman's main weapon. Therefore, absolutely every girl wants to have long and thick eyelashes, and only a few can boast of such a gift from nature. In pursuit of beauty, the fair sex often resort to eyelash extensions, after which “relatives” inevitably become brittle and inconspicuous. But it is possible to restore eyelashes after extension, you just need to be patient! An affordable and effective remedy - castor oil - will help heal damaged eyelashes!

Before and after using castor oil
Before and after using castor oil
  1. Softening and moisturizing the skin: castor oil is used in the care of dry skin to eliminate flaking, with a loss of elasticity.
  2. Whitening and smoothing of complexion: the oil helps to lighten age spots, acne, freckles.
  3. Anti-inflammatory agent: effective in treating acne, kills pathogens and prevents the spread of inflammatory processes on the skin.
  4. Hair nutrition: due to its high content of fatty acids, "castor oil" is included in many masks for growth, nourishment and strengthening of hair, and also prevents eyelash breakage.
  5. Regenerating property: the oil stimulates skin healing, it can be used to heal burns, small wounds, it also effectively fights calluses, corns and cracked heels.
  6. Rejuvenating effect: the constant use of castor oil helps to get rid of fine expression lines on the face.

Castor oil for eyelashes

As stated earlier, castor oil has a variety of medicinal properties. It contains ricinoleic acid, which determines its beneficial properties in the restoration of eyelashes. Castor oil envelops the hairs and actively nourishes the eyelash bulb itself, saturating it with useful substances. Due to the viscous consistency of castor oil, the structure of the eyelashes is regenerated - small scales are interconnected. The surface of the eyelashes is smoothed and softened. With the daily use of castor oil, after 2-3 weeks you will notice a positive result! Weakened eyelashes will revive, become stronger and thicker and grow with lightning speed.

A recipe for fast eyelash growth

Ever since childhood, we all know the expression “eat carrots to grow up”. This vegetable contains vitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on growth. Therefore, if your goal is to grow long eyelashes, add a few drops of "growth vitamin" to castor oil before use.


Eyelash Strengthening Recipe

To get rid of eyelash loss, mix equal proportions of castor oil and almond oil. This mixture prevents hair breakage and thinning, as almond oil contains 2 main beauty vitamins A and E.

Recipe for silky eyelashes

To make your lashes soft and silky again, try the following remedy: Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Vaseline softens hairs well and gives shine.

Eyelash Nutrition Recipe

A very effective tool for nourishing eyelashes is a mixture of castor and burdock oils in a 1: 1 ratio. These oils are high in fatty acids that will help your lashes become more hydrated and fluffy.

Eyelash lengthening recipe

To prepare this recipe, you must combine castor oil and aloe juice in equal proportions. Shake the components thoroughly, apply such a product for 20-30 minutes on eyelashes cleaned from makeup every day. Aloe is a source of carotenoids that accompany growth, as well as a storehouse of useful trace elements.

Recipe for very damaged eyelashes

To heal eyelashes weakened after extension, you can use the following recipe: mix 1 teaspoon of brandy, castor oil and petroleum jelly. Due to the content of cognac in the mixture, the hairs will become darker by 1-2 tones, castor oil will awaken growth and strengthen them, and petroleum jelly will give softness and shine. Be careful! Apply the product only to the eyelashes, avoiding contact with the eyelids.


  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Hypersensitivity.

Be sure to run an allergy test before use. To do this, apply a small amount of oil to the skin area and wait for about 30 minutes. If you experience discomfort, redness, or itching, then most likely the oil is not suitable for you.


  1. It is best to store the oil in a dark, opaque container in a cool, dark place. Subject to the storage conditions, the shelf life of castor oil after opening is 2 years.
  2. For ease of use, you can pour the "castor oil" into an old tube from under the mascara, after thoroughly rinsing and drying the container.
  3. When choosing castor oil for cosmetic purposes, you should pay attention to cold-pressed oil.
  4. It is necessary to apply the oil directly to the eyelashes; it is not recommended to rub oil into the eyelids. Otherwise, the next morning you are guaranteed to get unattractive eyelid puffiness and bags under the eyes.
  5. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to use the oil warmed up.

Regular use of castor oil in combination with other products will help you grow long, thick and strong eyelashes! Choose the recipe that suits you, use it regularly and the result will not keep you waiting!

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