Eyelash Oil. Beauty Recipes

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Eyelash Oil. Beauty Recipes
Eyelash Oil. Beauty Recipes

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Eyelashes are not only an important part of your body that protects your eyes from dust, but also a pleasant addition that can make them more expressive and attractive. Using a special oil, you can easily provide them with proper care, make them thicker and longer.

Eyelash oil. Beauty recipes
Eyelash oil. Beauty recipes


Step 1

The first recipe for care - be sure to apply oils only on clean lashes. It is best to use castor or burdock, as it improves the strength of the hair itself, relieves it from breakage and loss. Why is this procedure worth doing at night? The fact is that in a dream you keep your eyes closed, the oil will not get on the eye itself, which causes quite unpleasant sensations. The application process itself is carried out with an ordinary mascara brush.

Burdock and castor oil have different chemical structures, but the enrichment of eyelashes with nutrients and vitamins is approximately the same. Alternatively, almond oil is also suitable, which significantly accelerates the growth of cilia, makes them much longer and thicker.

Step 2

The second recipe: if you decide to make your eyelashes more fluffy, then use sea buckthorn oil. You can buy it at any pharmacy. An interesting fact is that this type of oil can be easily mixed with castor oil. This greatly improves the effect. The only thing is that you need to choose the right proportion so that one does not completely replace the other.

Step 3

The third recipe: don't be afraid to use other substances along with the oil. These include rose hips, sprouted wheat seeds, special hair products, since the cilia are exactly the same hair. Absolutely all of these ingredients can be freely purchased in the same pharmacy at affordable prices.

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