How To Find The Right Hairstyle

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How To Find The Right Hairstyle
How To Find The Right Hairstyle

Video: How To Find The Right Hairstyle

Video: How To Find The Right Hairstyle
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If the hairstyle is correctly selected, it will easily emphasize the advantages of appearance and hide flaws, complement the image, make a person younger and nicer. But this is not very easy to achieve. It is often easier and more effective to turn to good hairdressing professionals. But if you are determined to choose a hairstyle yourself, pay attention to the tips of stylists.

How to find the right hairstyle
How to find the right hairstyle


Step 1

Choose a hairstyle in accordance with your inner world and character, as well as the general style of clothing. For example, short hair is more suitable for practical and sporty individuals, long hair is more suitable for connoisseurs of classics, shoulder-length hair is more suitable for romantic natures.

Step 2

Try to take into account your lifestyle: what is the nature of your work, how often you go to social events and parties, whether you play sports.

Step 3

Determine the texture and quality of your hair Thickness, its ability to hold its shape and style, and to withstand adverse weather conditions are important. It is also very important to consider the direction of hair growth if you want your hair to hold its shape well.

Step 4

Treat your hair if its health and condition is far from ideal (nondescript, sparse, weakened or split). And it is hardly worth thinking about long hair.

Step 5

Determine the shape of your face This shape is considered the standard, and hairdressers try to choose a hairstyle so that the face looks oval. Most hairstyles will work for you, refrain from only long hair. A round face needs a hairstyle that gradually expands towards the top. Unsymmetrical bangs and partings are acceptable for you. You should not comb your hair back and cut your hair short. If your hair is long, cover your ears completely. People with a square face should also visually lengthen it. This type of face goes with asymmetrical bangs and voluminous hairstyles that cover the ears. Hair length down to the chin, if you have a triangular face, try to create extra volume in the chin area. You should not comb your hair back. Make the bangs not very thick. Curl the hair from below so that it diverges to the sides. At the same time, short haircuts do not suit you. A rectangular face type needs a long bang that covers the forehead. Long hair is not suitable - do a hairstyle that visually rounds your face.

Step 6

A hairstyle can hide imperfections in your face or make something stand out. For example, you can try to hide oversized ears under lush styling or long hair, a large nose will not stand out if you do a fluffy hairstyle with bangs.

Step 7

Consider your height and volume when choosing a hairstyle For a tall girl, it is better to give up very long hair, it is better to make a voluminous haircut, and if your height, on the contrary, is small, a voluminous hairstyle does not fit, but long hair will make you look like a teenager. Chubby girls look best with medium length hair or short haircuts to the chin, but they should avoid smooth hairstyles and lush styling.

Step 8

Do not forget about technical progress: you can choose a suitable hairstyle using special computer programs.