Increased Facial Sweating

Increased Facial Sweating
Increased Facial Sweating
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Occasionally, a person may develop a problem with increased sweating. She gives a lot of trouble, because very often not only the body but also the face sweats.

Increased facial sweating
Increased facial sweating

Some people have a lot of sweat on their face, regardless of whether they are playing sports or drinking a cup of hot tea. Such a problem can cause discomfort and even affect human self-esteem. The main thing that you must learn, if your face sweats too often, you do not need to worry and worry about any trifles, because because of worries, a person sweats only harder. You should make changes in your diet, and if all else fails, it is better to consult a dermatologist.

The bottom line is that excessive sweating causes a certain awkwardness, as well as some skin problems, in addition to problems with makeup, you can get serious irritation.

If you are in a bath and your face is sweating, this is absolutely natural and normal. All people sweat in the heat. But some suffer from very heavy sweating under normal conditions. Excessive sweating can be caused by fatty foods, hot food, plus shyness, which is in an aggravated stage, or even social anxiety. To combat sweating, you need to identify the things that affect you and make you sweat. You should avoid consuming caffeine, spicy food, alcohol, hot drinks, as all this makes not only the body sweat, but also the face.

It is advisable to wash with cold water more often. You can rinse your face with plain tap water. But the best option is to have a bowl of clean water and ice cubes prepared in advance. Rinse the skin several times and let dry.

If you can, take a cold shower during your work day. This will reduce sweating and cool your entire body. Drink cold water often during summer. Women can be advised to wear loose dresses made of cotton. Long exposure to the sun is not advisable. If, nevertheless, you decide to spend the whole day indoors, do not forget to open the windows, let everything in the room be well ventilated.

Feel that your body temperature has risen, wash your neck and face with cold water to cool down.

If household tricks did not help you, and your face still sweats again, regardless of the fact that you wash it with cold water, consult a specialist and ask a dermatologist to prescribe you a cream that contains glycopyrrolate. It reduces perspiration. These creams are most similar to antiperspirants, but they are designed to be applied not in the armpits, but on the skin of the face. If sweating on the face is a physiological feature of the body that is not caused by any reason, most likely you will have to apply such creams regularly.

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