Popular 70s Hairstyles

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Popular 70s Hairstyles
Popular 70s Hairstyles

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The restrained sixties were replaced by the vibrant and rebellious seventies. Appearance and fashion were influenced by youth subcultures, which is why the seventies were called "a time of bad taste."

Popular 70s hairstyles
Popular 70s hairstyles

In the seventies, the hippie style dictated fashion, which was present not only in clothes, but also in hairstyles. But not only youth subcultures dictated fashion trends. At this time, the styles of movie stars and musical groups were gaining popularity. It was in the 70s that the feather haircut and cascade appeared. These haircuts gave a slight carelessness to the hair and looked incredibly feminine on medium length hair.

Hairstyles for long hair

The most fashionable hairstyle of the seventies was considered to be long, loose, slightly disheveled hair with a parted part. Gradually, women began to move away from them to more restrained hairstyles. There was a fashion for long blonde straight hair, tied on the forehead with a leather cord or headband.

The ponytail hairstyle was also popular. Straight hair was also desirable for this hairstyle.

Another popular hairstyle was the "sea waves" hairstyle. The hair was twisted with a perm and laid in waves and curls. This hairstyle created a youthful and gentle look.

Thanks to the actresses Brigitte Bordeaux and Sylvia Vartan, platinum blond came into fashion. The women wanted to be like these sophisticated and attractive actresses.

Short haircuts

No less popular was the "bob", which got its distribution thanks to the figure skater Dorothy Hamell. There were several options for the "bob", but the common feature was giving the hair volume and parting.

Charlie's Angels

The popularity of a particular hairstyle in the 70s depended on popular actors. After the release of the movie "Charlie's Angels", the haircut "cascade" burst into fashion. It was laid with a large diameter brush by twisting all the strands and bangs outward.

Maximum volume

With the heyday of the popularity of the group The Jackson 5, extra-voluminous afro hairstyles came into fashion. To achieve this volume, girls spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, combing their hair. To facilitate their creation, they used a perm.


Bangs have become an integral part of the seventies' hairstyles. Straight thick long bangs that covered the eyebrows were very popular, giving their mistresses a drop of mystery.

Modernity and 70s hairstyles

Quite a long time has passed, but the hairstyles of the seventies are still relevant now. Hippie hairstyles are in fashion - straight hair with a straight parting and a bandage on the forehead. Fashionable volumetric evening styling remains. Retro style is gradually gaining its popularity.

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