How To Make A Man's Manicure

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How To Make A Man's Manicure
How To Make A Man's Manicure

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Neat nails characterize a man as a person who cares about his image, who cares about the impression he makes on others. A man can do a manicure in a salon, at a specialist, or at home, armed with the necessary tools.

How to make a man's manicure
How to make a man's manicure

It is necessary

  • - nail scissors with sharp tips or special tweezers;
  • - a file for processing the edge of the nail;
  • - wooden cuticle stick.


Step 1

Trim your nails. Equip yourself with nail scissors and trim your nails exactly to the shape of your fingertips. If your nails are strong, use small nippers to trim them. Trim your nails before you steam out your hands - if you do this after the bath, then there is a danger of damaging the structure of the nails, which will begin to exfoliate. If your nails have just started to grow back, then just file their edges, aligning the shape.

Step 2

Start filing your nails from the edge and work your way towards the center. Do not put pressure on the file, it is better to do a few extra strokes. The nail line should be rounded. Remember to trim off the ends that might cling to clothing.

Step 3

Stretch your hands. Prepare a bath with warm water - dissolve a pinch of salt in it, add a drop of liquid soap. Place your hands in a container and steam the skin. After a few minutes, complete the procedure and dry your hands dry.

Step 4

Treat the cuticle. Using a wooden stick, move the skin away from the surface of the nail, slightly lifting it. Use sharp scissors or tweezers to trim the cuticles, slowly and gently to avoid cuts. If you get hurt, brush the cut with iodine.

Step 5

To give your nails a shine and smooth surface, rub them with a special polishing file.

Step 6

Apply the coating. If you want to make your nails strong and strong, to protect them from chemical and physical attack, then cover them with a special tool. Colorless varnish-based preparations containing special strengthening components will cover the nails imperceptibly and reliably.

Step 7

Find a neutral, fast-absorbing nourishing cream that will protect your hands from dryness and external aggressions. Give a hand massage to relieve tension.

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