How Many Kg Can You Lose Weight In A Week

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How Many Kg Can You Lose Weight In A Week
How Many Kg Can You Lose Weight In A Week

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The one whose weight is optimal feels good. But sometimes it happens that, succumbing to temptation, a person gradually eats up extra pounds, and then thinks how to get rid of them. And I want to lose weight quickly and to the maximum number of kilograms. Especially often women dream about this, who suddenly discover that their favorite dress, which has been hanging in the closet for a long time, has suddenly "sat down" or "unexpectedly" the bathing season has begun, and the swimsuit does not fit perfectly. And the question arises: how much maximum can you lose weight in a week?

How many kg can you lose weight in a week
How many kg can you lose weight in a week

It is considered normal if the weight decreases by no more than 1-1.5 kilograms in 7 days. This is achieved by a balanced diet, not a critical decrease in the amount of carbohydrates consumed, and reasonable physical activity.

How to lose more pounds faster

But 1 kilogram per week is almost nothing! Unfortunately, many people are not satisfied with such a slow pace of weight loss, and they begin experiments with rigid diets or fasting. For example, if you do not eat anything, just drink water with lemon for a week, you can lose up to 10 kilograms. This inspires many. True, these kilograms are easy to return in 2-3 days, switching to your usual diet or even to a light one. The fact is that after experiencing stress in the absence of food, the body begins to intensively make reserves as soon as food begins to enter the body. And the fact that under normal conditions would not lead to excess body fat, after fasting is deposited on the waist and hips to the displeasure of losing weight.

You can, of course, not exhaust yourself with hunger, but choose a rigid diet. There are a lot of them: apple, kefir, buckwheat, protein, etc. But all of them will not benefit the body. You can observe them for no more than 4-5 days, while throwing off up to 5 kg. In addition, it should be remembered that such weight loss occurs from the loss of fluid and muscle mass by the body, which means that the harm from it is more than good.

If, despite all the disadvantages, a person nevertheless decides on a strict diet or starvation, he should comply with a number of conditions.

Fast weight loss rules

First, you need to prepare the body for such a diet, in other words, to cleanse the intestines. This can be done with an enema or in another way. If this condition is neglected, in the absence of adequate nutrition, the body will look for additional sources of energy and switch to the processing of non-excreted waste products, becoming infected with toxins.

If fasting is chosen, remember to enter and exit this extreme mode. Moreover, each of these stages should be twice as long as the fasting itself. So, if a person decides to starve for a week, then 2 weeks will be spent on preliminary preparation, when he will gradually reduce the amount of food consumed and its calorie content, and the body will need 2 weeks to painlessly return to a normal diet. This means that a weekly fast will turn into a diet lasting more than a month.

You can not follow strict diets for longer than 5-6 days, otherwise you can get health problems, in comparison with which a little extra weight will seem a trifle.

And, of course, it is best to regulate your body weight not from time to time, but regularly, choosing the right diet, leading an active lifestyle, avoiding stress, loving and nurturing your body.

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