What To Do With Thin Hair

What To Do With Thin Hair
What To Do With Thin Hair

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Diet needs to be varied to strengthen fine hair. You also need to regularly carry out cosmetic procedures that have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

What to do with thin hair
What to do with thin hair

It is recommended to include greens, protein foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, etc. in the diet. The more varied and healthier the food, the stronger the curls. It should be noted that the required amount of vitamins and minerals has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Of course, the number of hairs and their thickness also depend on the natural color. For example, blondes have 130-150 thousand hairs, while brunettes have just over 100 thousand. But dark hair is thicker in structure than light hair, so dark-haired people tend to have more voluminous hairstyles.

You can add volume to fine hair by rinsing after washing with decoctions of medicinal plants (sage, oak bark, birch leaves). For nutrition and enrichment with vitamins, it is advisable to apply a special mask of eggs, honey and vegetable oil.

It also strengthens the hair with a compress made from crushed burdock roots, infused for a day in a mixture of almond, vaseline and sunflower oil. It is advisable to warm up the compress before use. It is necessary to apply to the roots, rubbing thoroughly into the scalp.

To wash your hair, you can add a couple of tablespoons of gelatin to the shampoo, which will give your hair not only volume, but also vitality.

The optimal length for thin and weak hair is up to the shoulder line, since too long strands will receive insufficient nutrients and their structure will become thinner and more fragile. Short haircuts with different lengths of individual strands will add extra volume to the hairstyle.

To dye thin hair, it is advisable to use 2-3 tones at once. The combination of a light shade with darker ones visually adds volume to the hair. In no case do you need to radically change the color, as this will lead to negative consequences, the shine will be lost. The best option is a combination of toning and highlighting. It is also recommended to use natural dyes (for example, henna, basma), as they not only add color to the hair, but also thicken its structure.

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