How A Makeup Artist Differs From A Stylist

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How A Makeup Artist Differs From A Stylist
How A Makeup Artist Differs From A Stylist

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The sphere of beauty and fashion is impossible without such professions as stylist and make-up artist. Many people confuse these concepts, some consider them one profession. This is due to the fact that not all people have sufficient and correct information.

How a makeup artist differs from a stylist
How a makeup artist differs from a stylist


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A make-up artist is a professional who creates an image of a person who can hide any skin imperfections and emphasize advantages, both on the face and on the body, with the help of decorative cosmetics. There are 3 main types of makeup artist work. Skin care specialist - aesthetic makeup artist. A specialist who creates a "face image", it is this specialist who can highlight the "winning" facial features for you, for example, he will tell you how to properly apply makeup on your eyes - a make-up artist-stylist. A specialist who selects a certain type of cosmetics and skin care cream for a client is a make-up artist-cosmetologist.

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A professional make-up artist must: understand the psychology of color and the psychology of interpersonal communication, as well as the laws of composition; separate types of makeup (daytime, evening, wedding, competition make-up). Understand the technique of applying all types of decorative cosmetics, master the technique of applying makeup, since it changes a person not only externally, but also internally.

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A stylist is a professional who, using various means, creates a specific image (image) for a person. There are 4 "types" of stylists. Creates an image with the help of various hairstyles - hairdresser stylist. Creates an image by applying an individual make-up - stylist-make-up artist. Creates an image with the help of a certain type of clothing - stylist-image maker. Creates a photographic image - stylist-photographer. At the moment, the profession of "stylist" is quite prestigious and in demand in the beauty industry, film and television.

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The stylist must always know exactly all the famous world brands, keep abreast of exhibitions and shows. He must have a delicate nature and be able to provide services to his clients, taking into account the latest trends in fashion. He is engaged in the development of an image that will emphasize all the advantages and hide all the flaws of the client (hairstyles, clothes, makeup). His responsibilities include: the choice of color shades in cosmetics and clothing, taking into account the external characteristics of the client, the development of a new image for a company or organization (clothing for staff), analysis of both domestic and Western fashion trends. When creating an image, the stylist pays special attention to the specifics of the client's work, his lifestyle, characteristic features, as well as his comfort zone in clothes.

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The profession of "make-up artist" and the profession of "stylist" intersect in the types of work related to makeup, but in other areas they are quite different, so they should not be confused. Representatives of these professions should have an approach to any client, know the psychology of communication and follow all the latest fashion. Some eminent stylists and makeup artists become real friends for their clients.

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