How To Dye Your Hair

How To Dye Your Hair
How To Dye Your Hair

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Well-groomed and beautiful hair is a woman's dignity. Changing hairstyles, dyeing hair in different shades gives a woman the opportunity to look flirtatious, feminine, or strict. But dyeing your hair is pretty tricky. In case of non-observance of some rules, the result can be hair with the most unexpected shade.

How to dye your hair
How to dye your hair

In addition to unexpected hair color, non-compliance with the rules can lead to a violation of the structure of the hair itself. Because of this, hair can become brittle, split ends. And even their loss may begin. To avoid this, hair coloring should be started by learning the rules.

How to dye black hair


The first way to dye your black hair is to contact an experienced colorist. For 1-3 months, it will lighten the hair several tones each time, until the color becomes suitable for dyeing in the desired shade.

Coloring or bleaching of hair can be done, followed by coloring of these strands. Then the transition from black hair color will be soft and gradual.

At home, you can gradually color the hair roots as they grow back. But this process will be very long. But sparing hair.

Coloring blonde hair

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Rinse is a gentle way to bleach dyed hair. You need to keep it strictly for the time specified by the instructions, and apply it evenly. Therefore, it is better to wash it with an assistant. Otherwise, you can remain spotty. Do not be alarmed if, after washing, your hair turns acid-red or yellow. The process must be repeated until the shade becomes even and calm. Only after achieving such a result, you can directly dye your hair.

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