Why Is Hair Thin

Why Is Hair Thin
Why Is Hair Thin

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Many people are concerned about the problem of thin hair. Such strands are difficult to fit into a beautiful hairstyle and give them volume. Having dealt with the reasons, you can eliminate this problem and make your hair healthy. Why are they thin? What can help strengthen them and make them more voluminous?

Why is the hair thin
Why is the hair thin

Thin hair is the result of poor human health and genetic predisposition. Moreover, any hair has the same structure: the core, which is the base, the bark and the cuticle. The middle layer, the bark, is responsible for the thickness of the hair. The thicker this layer, the thicker the hair. This cause is genetic and cannot be corrected.

Hair becomes thinner with age. For example, in an adult, their thickness can reach from 70 to 100 microns, but older people are content with 50-70 microns. This happens due to the weakening of the whole organism. Age-related changes affect hair volume and liveliness. The strands become thin and dry.

Another reason for thinning hair is poor nutrition. Any hair feeds on biotin found in peas, soybeans, beets, liver, mushrooms or brewer's yeast. It helps to normalize the condition of the stratum corneum and strengthens it. In addition, vitamin A is needed for normal hair growth, which is contained in dairy products, eggs, tomatoes, and fish oil. If the body does not receive them in the required quantities, the curls lose their shine, decrease in volume.

Internal problems of the body also affect the condition of the hair. Stress, pregnancy, lack of sleep, illness deplete hair, as a result, it becomes thinner.

Caring for thin hair also plays an important role. For example, the use of masks and balms can reduce the influence of sunlight and other irritating environmental factors on the hair.

Frequent dyeing or perming can adversely affect the condition of your hair. Chemicals contained in paints, exposure to high temperatures make strands thin, dull and brittle.

To maintain healthy hair, you should minimize the harmful effects of all of these factors as much as possible.

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