How To Make Small Breasts Visually Larger

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How To Make Small Breasts Visually Larger
How To Make Small Breasts Visually Larger

Video: How To Make Small Breasts Visually Larger

Video: How To Make Small Breasts Visually Larger
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You can visually enlarge your breasts with the help of cosmetics, clothing. A push-up bra will accentuate the beauty of your breasts and also make them bigger. You can use a set of physical exercises and achieve breast augmentation by building the upper pectoral muscles.

How to make small breasts visually larger
How to make small breasts visually larger

Every woman dreams of having beautiful breasts. Today, when visually enlarging small breasts is no longer a problem, many celebrities and ordinary girls are trying to do it. For this purpose, you can:

• choose appropriate clothing;

• use a push-up bra;

• use special cosmetics;

• exercise.

How to enlarge breasts with clothes?

You can use garments that have a draped top. If this is an evening dress, then it is not forbidden to combine it with a deep neckline. Neck scarves and keyhole cutouts noticeably increase the bust. The blouse can also have large prints. If you look at famous actresses, you will see that they solve this problem with sequins and an abundance of sequins on tops.

How to choose the right bra?

One of the most effective ways to visually enlarge your breasts is to use a push-up bra. He lifts it thanks to the presence of special foam or helium inserts. To enhance the effect, bones are inserted into them. It is often made from satin or cotton fabric.

If the outfit does not involve a bra, then silicone pads can save you. They remain invisible even when the dress is as open or transparent as possible.

Use of special cosmetics

Cosmetologists suggest mixing a foundation with any moisturizer and applying the mixture in a circular motion to the décolleté area. A small layer of powder is covered on top of the area. After the dress with a deep neckline is put on, a bronze-colored powder is applied to the open part. The final touch is the use of shimmery powder. It covers the area in the shape of the letter "T". Its bottom should be located in the center under the breast, and the upper part should pass through the collarbone.

If you need to enlarge the breast in a short time, then a darker shade of foundation is taken and applied to the hollow of the breast, and a lighter color is applied to the bust itself. This technique is especially often used when carrying out photosets, when the correct play of light allows you to achieve the most natural effect.

Breast augmentation with exercise

Owners of small breasts must always keep their back straight and engage in special gymnastics. The set of exercises is selected so as to build up the upper pectoral muscles and reduce the waist.