How To Maintain Breast Volume While Losing Weight

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How To Maintain Breast Volume While Losing Weight
How To Maintain Breast Volume While Losing Weight

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Women know that when losing weight, not only the hips, buttocks and abdomen become smaller, but also the breasts. What to do in order to lose weight harmoniously, while maintaining the shape and volume of the breast?

How to maintain breast volume while losing weight
How to maintain breast volume while losing weight


Step 1

First of all, be prepared for the fact that your breasts will become smaller as you lose weight. In most women, the volume of the breasts is created mainly by adipose tissue, which will naturally decrease in the process of losing weight. It is important to ensure a smooth, even weight loss, which will not only allow you to maintain a beautiful breast shape, but also prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Nutritionists advise to reduce weight for those who do not have a critically large body weight, no more than 1-1, 5 kg weekly, which will provide a lasting result and will not spoil the shape of the breast. And try to avoid mono-diets, because they limit the intake of all the necessary substances into the body, which can lead to ugly sagging breasts.

Step 2

Drink plenty of water so that your breasts do not critically decrease in volume if you are determined to lose weight. The bust of a woman sitting on a strict diet is "deflated" not only by reducing the volume of fat cells, but also by the general dehydration of the body. Drinking at least two liters of clean water (maybe with lemon) daily allows, if not to stop at all, then at least keep the change in breast size under control. If you maintain this balance, then you have every chance of losing weight and maintaining beautiful breasts. Despite the fact that the size of the breast will somehow become smaller, it will look harmonious in combination with the reduced body volume.

Step 3

Go in for sports. Physical activity while losing weight allows not only to speed up the process of gaining an ideal figure, but also to improve the shape of the female breast. Despite the fact that there is no muscle tissue in the chest, exercise improves blood circulation in it and promotes better lymph drainage, which will only benefit your breasts. Regular push-ups are most useful for the chest (and back) - if you cannot do push-ups in the usual way, try to rest on the floor not with your toes, but with your knees. If you are really given physical activity at all, do the Plank pose - rest your palms and toes on the floor, stretching the entire body in one straight line. Swimming also has a very beneficial effect on the shape of the breast.

Step 4

No matter how strict your diet is, in no case remove all fats from your daily diet. Vegetable oils, despite their high calorie content, are completely absorbed by a woman's body and contain many essential nutrients for it. The phytohormones contained in flaxseed oil in huge concentration act especially favorably on a woman's appearance - including the elasticity and shape of her breasts. A healthy liver, thick and strong hair, smooth and toned skin without wrinkles and rashes - this is not a complete list of what is influenced by the timely intake of saturated fats of vegetable origin in the body of the fairer sex.

Step 5

Be sure to do a gentle breast massage - best with natural vegetable oil (olive, linseed or almond), and do not neglect a contrast shower for this part of the body. These simple procedures not only make the skin of the breast more elastic, but also promote the production of a hormone called oxytocin, which provokes an increase in the tissue of the breast itself.

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