How To Find Shadows For Green Eyes

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How To Find Shadows For Green Eyes
How To Find Shadows For Green Eyes

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Skillful makeup transforms every woman, makes her younger and more attractive. The beauty of emerald eyes can be emphasized with a variety of shades of shadows.

How to find shadows for green eyes
How to find shadows for green eyes

It is necessary

  • - shades of pastel colors;
  • - shades of brown tones;
  • - purple shadows;
  • - purple shadows;
  • - shadows of green tones;
  • - shadows are gray;
  • - the shadows are golden.


Step 1

Play with color combinations. Although green eyes are rare, there are many shades of green eyes. All varieties are divided into 4 main groups, and for each you can choose your own makeup.

For green with an admixture of turquoise - dark green or light green so that the eyelid and eye do not look like one spot. If the green is diluted with sparks of yellow, choose a purple shade. Yellow and violet create a contrast, setting off the green. Light gray-green eyes look more expressive if you use pastel shades of eyeshadow.

Emphasize the saturation of dark green eyes with a dark color: plum, purple, chocolate. Shade the base color with contrasting pink, purple or plum. Green and brown bezels are a safe bet.

Step 2

Use a peach, creamy, golden or light brown shade for the foundation. For everyday make-up, choose calm and warm natural shades. Apply a light foundation all over the eyelid, and light brown eyeshadow on top. Blend the eyelid under the crease with dark gray or brown. For special occasions, dark purple, dark green, golden and copper colors are suitable.

Step 3

Apply multi-layered makeup with contrasting eyeshadows: pink, purple and green. In order not to look tasteless, it is better to experiment with the shades beforehand. The expressiveness of the eyes will be enhanced by a dark brown or gray eyeliner pencil. Be sure to paint your eyelashes with black mascara. If the experiment is successful, the eyes will be extraordinarily beautiful in the evening light. Match your green eyes according to your hair color. For natural blondes with fair skin, peach and light brown shades are suitable. Brown-haired women with green eyes can choose brown. For red-haired ladies, the choice is much wider - shadows of all kinds of shades are suitable.

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