How To Determine Your Ideal Weight

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How To Determine Your Ideal Weight
How To Determine Your Ideal Weight

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Many people, thinking "to lose weight", do not quite understand how many extra pounds you need to lose. But in reality, everything is simpler than it would seem. Calculating the ideal weight is easy enough, but reaching its value is much more difficult. Sometimes this goal remains unfulfilled, because the ideal weight often does not coincide with the physiological characteristics of the body structure.

How to determine your ideal weight
How to determine your ideal weight


Step 1

Measure your height and subtract 110 centimeters for your ideal average weight in kilograms. If you are over 40 years old, subtract 105 cm. With age, a person's weight increases and reduce it to a level that was impossible in his youth, and it is dangerous to health. This method is the simplest and at the same time unreliable.

For example:

Height 175 - 110 cm = 65 kg.

Step 2

Square your height in meters, then divide the weight by that number. Thus, you will receive a body mass index, which should normally range from 19 to 26. If you get a figure greater than 26 - think about diets. Extra pounds are the cause of many diseases.

For example:

Height 1.75 x 1.75 = 3.06

Weight 65 kg: 3.0625 = 21.2244898

It turned out that the body mass index is equal to 21, and this is considered the norm.

Step 3

If you are in doubt about the results obtained, visit a nutritionist. The doctor will make all the necessary calculations and determine your ideal weight. And also with the help of special equipment will calculate the muscle and fat mass of the body.

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