How To Style Your Loose Hair Beautifully

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How To Style Your Loose Hair Beautifully
How To Style Your Loose Hair Beautifully

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Beautiful long hair is wealth. Shiny curls filled with strength and health make the girl irresistible. You can style your loose hair in several ways, each of which will completely change the female image.

How to style your loose hair beautifully
How to style your loose hair beautifully

Straight, loose hair, simply blow-dried, quickly becomes boring. I want variety, and girls often think about what kind of styling to do.

A huge arsenal of tools and devices will come to the rescue in creating a beautiful styling: curling irons, curlers, irons, invisible hairpins, hairpins and much more.

Hot styling

If you want perfectly smooth hair, use a flat iron. Wash your hair, blow dry and smooth each section of your hair. It is not recommended to use the iron on damp hair as it can lead to excessive evaporation of the liquid and dry ends.

Tongs and hot curlers will help create waves and curls. Just wind the strands, hold for the required amount of time and fix with varnish. Wavy curls can be left loose or stabbed with invisible ones on one side.

For hot styling, it is better to use ceramic appliances with temperature control. Remember to use heat protectants to prevent dry, brittle hair and split ends.

Cold styling

Styling under the name "Malvina" is done very simply, while it is suitable both for every day and for special occasions. Comb the hair at the crown and secure the top strands at the back of the head. For an evening out, you can use a beautiful hairpin with stones, rhinestones or flowers. Leave the remaining hair either smooth or wavy - your choice.

Another option for this styling: instead of fleece and hairpins, braid the front strands into thin braids or plaits. Gather them at the back of your head, securing them with an elastic band or tape.

Stylish styling in the form of casual waves creates the feeling that you have spent half a day at the seaside. To create it, you need to spray a saline solution on damp hair: add two tablespoons of salt, a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of almond oil to one glass of hot water. Pinching your hair will create a slight mess, and rolling the strands around your fingers will create waves and curls. You need to dry this styling in a natural way, the hair dryer will damage it.

Various accessories look beautiful on loose hair: headbands, headbands, hairpins in the form of large flowers, etc. In everyday life, they can be made in a minimalist style, and for special occasions they are even decorated with precious stones.

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