What Are The Shapes

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What Are The Shapes
What Are The Shapes

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Every woman is unique. She has her own unique eye color, hair shade, voice, gait, facial expressions and other distinctive features. And, of course, all beautiful ladies are different in shape.

What are the shapes
What are the shapes


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No matter how different the representatives of the fair sex are, what seductive curves their bodies did not have, experts still distinguish five main types of figure: "pear", "apple", "banana", "hourglass", "triangle".

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The type of female figure "pear" is probably the most common and easily identifiable. Women of this constitution resemble the letter "A". Ladies of this type have narrow shoulders, graceful breasts and very wide, rounded hips. It is worth saying that representatives of this type are not always inclined to be overweight, but if such ladies gain extra weight, then the kilograms will undoubtedly "stick" to the hips. By the way, pear-shaped women are very popular with men. A thin waist and small chest, combined with extended hips, excite the hearts of the stronger sex.

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The type of figure "apple" or "circle" resembles the letter "O". This structure is more common in men than in women. The peculiarity of this figure is that the girth of the waist, in people of this type, is equal to the girth of the hips. Extra pounds are deposited in the middle part of the body, giving the figure a kind of "looseness". If the "bull's-eye" is a beautiful lady, then she, traditionally, has a large beautiful breast, which attracts admiring glances from men.

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The type of figure "banana" or as it is also called "rectangle" is characterized by the absence of a pronounced waist. Representatives of this type are rarely overweight, while the hips and shoulders are the same width. The body is quite muscular. If the representatives of the "banana" figure gain weight, then it is evenly distributed throughout the body. Although visually it may look that the lower body has become "heavier". This is because the upper body is longer than the lower body.

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The fourth type of figure is the "hourglass" or as it is also called the "eight". For owners of this type, the proportions between the width of the shoulders and the waist are observed. That is, ladies with an hourglass figure have attractive hips, slender waists and beautiful breasts. If women of this type gain weight, then the kilograms are distributed evenly.

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And the last type of figure is "triangle" or "V". This physique can be compared to an inverted triangle. The difference between the shoulders and hips is visible to the naked eye. Such a physique is more inherent in the stronger sex, but women with a "triangle" body type are not uncommon. Ladies of this constitution have large breasts.

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