How To Apply Blush To Cheeks

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How To Apply Blush To Cheeks
How To Apply Blush To Cheeks

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Blush has been and remains popular with the fairer sex. They rejuvenate and revitalize the face, shape its shape and are the finishing touch to any makeup, without which it would be incomplete. A dry blush is recommended for evening make-up. For daytime, it is preferable to choose liquid cosmetics.

How to apply blush to cheeks
How to apply blush to cheeks


Step 1

Before using blush, study your face contour, because with their help you can model it, make it more oblong or wide.

If you have an elongated face, apply the blush closer to your hairline. Pull in your cheeks. On the resulting cavities, the blush should be applied in a darker shade. At the same time, draw the letter "C" with them. End the line at the temples, but not above the eyes. The lighter shade of blush should be applied to the cheekbones and areas under the dark line, as well as in the center of the cheeks and chin.

Step 2

To visually make the face wider, apply blush on the cheekbones, starting from the point corresponding to the location of the pupil, and ending with the temples (not above the eyebrow line). Pull in your cheeks and paint the letter "C" with dark blush, similar to the above. Use lighter shades to highlight the cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin and forehead.

Step 3

The most popular type of blush is considered to be dry. They are the easiest to use because they are easier to apply to the skin and control color saturation. Most suitable for combination or normal skin.

Apply blush powder after foundation and dry powder using a large, soft brush. The beginning of the line should correspond to a point located slightly further than a straight line, reaching the middle of the eyes. Finish the line at the temples, depending on the physiological structure of the face, but without touching the hairline.

Apply blush in one direction and rub gently so as not to form sharp transitions. Remove excess dry blush with powder.

Step 4

Another common type of blush among the fairer sex is liquid blush. They leave a fresh and natural glow on the cheeks and are most suitable for normal to dry skin. On oily skin, such funds are not able to stay for a long time. They are also undesirable for a person with enlarged pores. Blocking into the pores, they will only emphasize them.

Apply blush to foundation before using dry powder. It is better to do this with a sponge or fingers. Apply a few drops of blush to the apples of your cheeks and spread towards your temples.

Liquid blush dries very quickly and is difficult to wash off. If you apply too much product, it will have to be washed off and the makeup will have to be completely redone.

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